The emotional reunion of mother and daughter, admitted with Covid, after leaving the UVI

Mary Y Martha They are mother and daughter, Covid-19 patients from Hospital 12 de Octubre. They arrived at the ER of this hospital in a taxi and from that day on they did not have contact again.

On October 12, she did not know this situation until María, the mother, admitted to a hospitalization facility, made it known that did not know anything about the evolution of his daughter with the help of a cleaning professional.

From there, the machinery of project Shortening the distance, led by the Hospital 12 de Octubre and the My Favorite Nurse project, was launched.

Once the daughter, admitted to the UVI, was extubated, the doctor Victoria Trasmonte, from Intensive Care, together with other professionals, made it possible for both to speak by videoconference. A few days later the reunion occurred, since Marta left the UVI and on October 12 she entered both in the same room.

Now they recover little by little and they hope to go home together again.

Project Shortening the distance

The initiative "shortening the distance", created by My favorite nurse and pioneered in the Hospital 12 de Octubre by the doctor Victoria Trasmonte, a doctor of the Intensive Medicine Service, continues adding patients day after day.

The project seeks connect patients with Covid-19 admitted to the emergency department, hospitalization plants and intensive care units with their relatives through a video call. The center was the first to make this initiative a reality, which is carried out at the patient's bedside. It is a gesture that brings humanity to this situation of isolation, which is not only physical but also social. A beautiful and supportive project to counteract the loneliness of many people.

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According to Dr. Trasmonte "now that tWe all miss encounters with our loved ones, technology is getting people to stay together. We appreciate the messages of encouragement that come to us both from family members and citizens we know thanks to those devices that make a virtual hug between the patient and his family possible. "