The easy routine of four exercises with which you will lose all the kilos that you have gained these weeks

The Christmas and with it unnecessarily large meals. Although you have followed our expert advice to enjoy the holidays without excesses and now you have signed up for the detox infusions to purify the body , if you do not accompany all this with a hypocaloric diet and a correct sports routine, you do not do anything. That is why we have taken a look on social networks at our favorite influencers fits and we have discovered a routine of only four exercises that mobilizes the entire body for greater fat burning.

The good thing about this routine that the influencer fit proposes us Maria Rossich, is that you can do it anywhere since it does not require material. And it puts into operation all the muscles of the body, so it will help you burn those extra calories that we have ingested during Christmas. You have to perform 10 reps of each exercise and do 3 complete series. Watch the video and then we explain each exercise one by one:

1. Abs and glutes:

Begin by lying on your back on a mat with your knees bent, the soles of your feet flat on the floor, and your arms stretched out over your head. Next, bend at the waist to sit down, place one hand on the ground and with the other go to touch the opposite foot by raising the buttocks and stretching the legs up. Repeat alternating each foot.

2. Core and legs:

Begin by standing, with one leg in front of the other well apart and your arms stretched out over your head. Next, bend over to place one hand on the ground next to the foot that is most forward, place your back knee on the ground, and bring your leading foot behind the knee that you just placed on the ground. Do a full set with one lead leg and then the other.

3. Core, chest and back:

In a push-up position, slowly lower yourself down until you rest your body on the floor. Next, keep your belly on the floor and stretch your arms and legs. Put the balls of your feet and palms back on the floor in a push-up position and stretch your arms. Next, jump to bring your feet together with your hands, stand up, change direction, and repeat the entire movement again.

4. Obliques and core:

This exercise is more difficult to explain. Get into a high plank position first. Bring one of your feet forward a little by slightly bending the knee and then place it in front of the other foot, raising the opposite hand and stretching the chest to one side, keeping the weight of the body on the feet and on one of the palms hands. Then, bring the foot that you have moved forward by bending the knee and lift both hands off the ground, stretching them above the head. Return to the previous position (one foot more forward than the other with one of the hands outstretched and the other resting on the floor) and then return to the high plank. Repeat.

Let’s be clear you’re going to get tired. But miracles don’t exist, friend.

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