The easiest-to-care indoor plants to decorate your entire home with in winter (even in low light)

Decorating our house with plants and flowers is not only beautiful, it is also healthy. Indoor plants bring freshness, light and warmth to the different environments of your home and, in addition, they are perfect for get spaces to be visually enlarged, making the room where they are seem bigger (one of our goals of the season in this section). And although the theory says that «we have to choose a corner with light and well ventilated to make our plants the center of attention in the room«, The truth is that there are a good number of precious indoor species very resistant, easy-care and that, in addition, they do not need a source of direct natural lighting to grow in all its splendor.


The Monstera or Adam’s Rib It is one of the most popular indoor plants, not only because it is a very fresh and beautiful species, with an intense dark green color, but also because it is a very resistant variety that requires little care. Original from the jungle, it is necessary to avoid placing it near natural light points, although it does require good hydration: water it frequently, but without going overboard, because it does not tolerate excess water or puddling of the earth or the dish in the that we place it. The same goes for the Calathea of characteristic green leaves with white infiltrations: luminosity yes, but not direct sun. Also of tropical origin, the Philodendron, with its recognizable heart-shaped leaves, it also does not tolerate direct sun and, in this case, not much watering either: it is best to spray it with water on top.

The Aglaonema and the DiefembaquiaBoth with large and striking patterns on their intense green leaves, they are tropical plants that require little and similar care: a corner with little light (direct sun burns them) and a moist and well-drained substrate. Next to them, one of the most beautiful indoor plants, the Sanseviera, with its peculiar colorful leaves, which also does not tolerate direct light and only requires regular watering and spraying its leaves in winter to prevent them from drying out due to the heat of the heating.

If you prefer to add notes of color (beyond the different shades of green) with your plants, there are also some with flowers that do not need much light. The Aecmea (or mother-in-law’s tongue), Bromeliads or the popular and elegant Spatiphyllum They will be your great allies: they burn if it gives them direct light (although they do well with clarity) and they need irrigation, but not much (excess water in the dish can ‘drown’ them).

Lastly, you can always turn to classics that never fail, like the ferns, the poto or the money plant, they don’t need a lot of light. The former do require humidity, but neither the poto nor the money plant need a lot of water: it will be enough to water them once a week or every 10 days to make them perfect. Of course, better plant them in large pots in which they can grow in all their splendor.

In addition to knowing the best types of indoor plants to decorate our house, it is worth taking into account some interior design tips to elevate its ornamental function, such as using different seasonal varieties that include a wide range of colors (whether they are different greens, or playing with the tones of the flowers), placing them in a way that creates a fresh and lively space, playing with heights to Through different auxiliary furniture, baskets, flowerpots and vases, hanging them and even betting on climbing plants will give us a magazine result.

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