The drinks that will help you be healthier and live many more years

Being human, it is logical that we want to live as long as possible. And for this, all you have to do is maintain a series of healthy habits to minimize the risk of suffering from some type of disease in the future. For this reason, and more as a result of the health emergency that is currently hitting our country, it is necessary to eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, which are full of vitamins and antioxidants and, in turn, perform physical exercise regular to keep our heart and other organs healthy.

But beyond that, we must also eliminate certain vices and attitudes that only weigh down our health. One of these can be the excessive intake of sugary or alcoholic beverages, as they carry a lot of long-term dangers, from cardiovascular disease to diabetes and, in the case of alcohol, liver disease. In that sense, if we abuse these products our life expectancy will be shortened, in addition to having a greater chance of developing obesity.

Many studies have shown that green tea is an excellent ally when it comes to fighting bad cholesterol (LDL)

Therefore, today we bring you a list of the healthiest drinks that will protect you against hypothetical future diseases and they will also serve to delay the aging period. In the end, the most important thing is to stay well hydrated to prevent our organs, from the most internal ones like the heart or lungs to the most external ones like the skin, from staying young for as long as possible. The magazine 'Eat This Not That' has launched different drink options that point towards a healthier and longer life.


Obviously, it is the necessary and primal ingredient of life, which means that the more water you consume, the better you will be physically in the long term. Even, drinking plenty of water is the most effective remedy to fight seasonal colds, so common this time of year. You need to stay hydrated with water so that your body performs its functions normally.

The coffee

According to a recent analysis of different studies published by the prestigious American Heart Association in the journal 'Circulation: Heart Failure', coffee in small doses is an excellent ally to reduce the risk of suffering some type of cardiovascular accident in the future. Research showed that those who drank two cups a day saw a reduction in 30% of suffering a heart attack compared to those that don't.

The last great benefit of coffee for your health is here

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But be careful, as caffeine is very treacherous. If you go over the doses you can develop sleep problems, and this is one of the factors that most influences when it comes to keeping your immune system alert, because if you do not rest properly or do not sleep well enough, you will be more exposed to infectious diseases. Therefore, it is best not to overdo this drink and use it in the correct amounts to enjoy its benefits.

Green tea

What are you thinking about when you decide to make yourself a cup of this green concoction? You may be willing to have a quiet moment with yourself or to calm the cold, but surely what you do not know is that by doing so you are also reducing blood cholesterol levels. Many studies have shown that green tea is an excellent ally when it comes to fighting the worst type of cholesterol there is, known by the acronym LDL. Hence, if your consumption is frequent, can you reduce the risk of suffering a cardiovascular accident or suffering from obesity.


This infusion that we associate so much with distant Argentina contains a lot of benefits for your health if, like coffee, it is consumed in moderate doses. Each cup contains about 85 milligrams of caffeine, which is very close to coffee. Like green tea, it also reduces bad cholesterol, according to a 2009 study. And another added benefit is that it lowers blood glucose levels, which is especially helpful for those with diabetes.