The diet to lose weight that combines keto with intermittent fasting

The keto diet It's controversial, he discovered it in 1921 the endocrine Henry Rawle Geyelin, and focuses on the intake of more foods rich in protein and fat and the restriction of carbohydrates and sugars with the aim of generating a situation of ketosis – excess ketones in the blood – similar to fasting. In other words, it is low in carbohydrates and high in fat, and that is what feeds the muscles and gets relatively quickly lose weight, especially if we compare it with a traditional diet.

Intermittent fasting, for its part, is a plan that has acquired a lot of fame in recent times. If you have taken a walk or two through our section it is almost certain that you have read about it. There are actually several ways to carry it out, but the most popular is the 16: 8 method. According to an investigation, this regime makes the pancreas regenerates the cells They regulate blood sugar. Essentially, these types of plans may have the potential to help fight diabetes and, in addition, it is very simple: it proposes limiting food consumption to only eight hours throughout the day, a technique that supports weight control. All calories have to be ingested during that period. No matter how much fat you take if it is within that time. Yes, the next 16 hours you can not taste bite (although you can get fed up with water).

With the combination of both diets you will lose weight faster and your appetite will decrease, but it should be done in the short term because it is very restrictive

Now, although both plans come loaded with controversy For those advocates of lifelong plans (in other words, healthy eating and exercise to burn more than you consume), many are also their advocates. As the journalist explains Abby Langer in 'Men's Health': "The keto diet, for example, has historically been used to treat epilepsy in children and only now is when it has been observed that it also works (in the short term, yes), to lose weight. In the case of intermittent fasting, it is not only effective for reducing weight but also for lowering cholesterol and reducing insulin resistance, "with such records, it is natural to question whether they could work together, and the truth is that they have pros and cons.

The pros

On the one hand, your appetite will decrease. Replace carbohydrates with fat in the keto diet makes your hunger less, possibly due to changes in appetite regulating hormones. Once you are adapted to this style, it is logical to understand that it will be easier for you to fast.

On the other hand, you may also lose weight faster. The calories are controlled thanks to the fast window and you are using fat for energy, so you can lose more weight in a short period of time. In short, the keto diet restricts carbohydrates, while fasting causes levels of glycogen of the body are depleted, so the combination of the two diets together is like a fast track towards ketosis and towards weight loss, in addition, going less hungry.

The cons

The first thing is that it is not easy. Most people would consider that the keto diet is quite restrictive on its own, with its extremely low carbohydrate limits, and cannot follow it in the long term. In addition, their benefits are present only during the time they are taken, they tend to disappear once you return to your normal eating habits. They can also help sports performance due to the extremely low level of carbohydrates

In short, it is about choosing you, always opting for the healthiest within these plans. Some people believe that keto involves eating only cheese, eggs and bacon, and far from it. To avoid raise cholesterolYou have to choose unsaturated fats from foods such as avocados and nuts. If you finally decide to contact her, remember that health is the important thing, above any fashion plan.