The diet that got this doctor to lose 56 kilos

Sometimes life gives us a setback that lies to us and of which we are very hard to recover, if we ever do it. But you learn from everything, or at least that is the philosophy of Dr. Kevin Gendreau, who never thought that his story of overcoming would become viral. 'A priori', it does not seem like a life that differs from any other: with 31 years I worked in Fall River, a hospital in Massachusetts, and weighed nothing more and nothing less than 136 kilos.

However, it was a terrible disease that made him rethink its existence. When he was 17, he had to watch helplessly as his father succumbed to a terminal cancer. A devastating experience against which he only fought through stress: He turned to food to get rid of his sadness. "Basically I began to anesthetize myself with sugar and processed carbohydrates. They were comor an antidepressant for me, because after all, when you eat junk food your brain releases dopamine and increases serotonin, hormones that serve to make you feel good, "he said in an interview on 'Best Life'.

A hard blow

What started as a defense mechanism It soon became a real food addiction that, of course, wreaked havoc on his physical and mental health. They were diagnosed high blood pressure, hypertension, high cholesterol, liver disease and sleep apnea among other things. "I knew that all this was due to my Feeding Habits but it just could not happen, "he explains. In the worst moments, he weighed 138 kilos." I was not happy in my own skin, I hated myself and that made me unable to date, until I lost weight I could not accept myself and tear down the wall I had created, "he says.

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Happy Motivation Monday and FIRST DAY OF JULY! 😎 Summer is upon us and there’s no better time than the beginning of a month / season to make a major life change. For me, that decision happened on August 1st, 2016. That’s when I started eating clean with Whole30 and tracking my calories using MyFitnessPal. Several months later, I began intermittent fasting as well. With these methods combined, I lost over 120lbs (306lbs -> 185lbs)! Conquering obesity was not easy, but it’s a path I am so glad I chose. I am feeling so grateful that I get to work as a physician to help prevent and treat obesity and all it’s co-morbid conditions every day.👨🏼‍⚕️I will keep trying my best to make a difference, one person at a time! Tag a friend in the comments below who has tried Whole30, Keto, Paleo, or Intermittent Fasting! 👇🏼ALSO, kudos to you if you're able to zoom into my “after” picture and tell me how many Teddy’s you can spot! Whole # whole30 #keto #paleo #beforeandafter #suit #expressmen #socks #weightloss #fitness #doctorsofinstagram #follow #share #motivationmonday #inspiration #thinspiration #obesity #medicine #natural #diet #lifestyle #intermittentfasting #myfitnesspal #mfptration # buzzfeed #puppiesofinstagram #southcoasthealth

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But life would still have another hard blow. In 2016, to her sister the they diagnosed ovarian cancer with metastasis. "It was scary. While she tried to stay here alive to be able to spend more time with her children I was killing myself with what I ate. Everything I did with my own body was my responsibility," he laments. Therefore, in August of that same year, he decided to start his trip with a one-way ticket to the weightloss.

His sister's illness led him to rethink his life. He abandoned junk food and started counting the calories he consumed

His sister Rachelsadly, he died in 2017 at the age of 32, but this time Kevin did not turn to food for alleviate the sadness. He decided to start his diet to be more agile so he could take care of his sister's children, who were six and two years old at the time of his death. Sounds easy, but it wasn't at all: abandoned junk food and began a diet of whole foods rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein. In addition, he decided to use an application to meet the calories you consumed and, almost magically, the kilos They began to disappear.

When his weight stagnated (when losing about 30 kilos) he decided to start with intermittent fasting, which they helped lose the rest. There are several ways to carry it out, but without a doubt the most famous way of all is the 16: 8 method. According to an investigation, this regime It causes the pancreas to regenerate the cells that regulate blood sugar. Essentially, these types of plans can have the potential to help fight diabetes and, in addition, it is very simple: it proposes to limit the consumption of food to only eight hours throughout the day, a technique that supports weight control.

"Losing weight healed me in every possible way," he explains, now that he has a healthy weight of 82 kilos. "When you fight against an addiction It is very difficult to get out of the cycle. The best advice I can give about this is that you find a motivation That makes you change. For me, it was that my sister got sick and needed someone to take care of her children, but it could have been anything. Once you find the reason and you commit, you can't look back again, "he concludes.