The diet of Joaquin Phoenix: how he lost 20 kilos to play the Joker

Sometimes, actors have to undergo tremendous physical changes in order to interpret their roles, some of them that test their health. A living example is Christian bale, which for its role in 'The Machinist', by Bret Anderson (2004), lost a total of 28 kilos and only ate an apple and a can of tuna, a terrible risk because losing weight so extremely in a short time increases the pchances of suffering cardiovascular accidents.

It's not the only one, Matthew McConaughey lost 21 kilos for the role that Oscar would be worth in 'Dallas Buyers Club', Anne Hathaway He resorted to the help of a nutritionist and only ate oatmeal and water to lose 11 kilos and interpret Fantine in 'Les Miserables' Y Adrian Brody he gave himself body and soul to interpret Wladyslaw Szpilman in 'The Pianist'He left his apartment, sold his car, broke his relationship and took off 15 kilos having two cooked eggs for breakfast, some chicken for lunch and some fish or chicken with steamed vegetables for dinner.

A drastic method

Recently another artist has joined the group. To get into the role of the Joker (Batman's brilliant criminal and enemy in the comics), actor Joaquin Phoenix has had to lose a total of 20 kilos. As I recently counted on 'Access Hollywood': "I sought medical guidance to be able to lose weight in a safe way, it is something I had already done before, working with a doctor in a supervised and safe way."

However, the actor has also had to carry out a drastic method which is what has allowed him, with 44 years, to lose that amount of weight. "It wasn't just about eating an apple a day," he said. "I could also have lettuce and steamed green beans". Such a large reduction in its daily calorie intake It meant that he continually had to fight temptation. "Todd Phillips (director of the movie) continuously brought pretzels, which I love, and his office was full of them, it was very difficult. "

The actor took lettuce, steamed green beans and an apple. Many artists submit to these hard regimes to interpret their roles

Getting to the extremes to play the Joker has become, according to the men's magazine 'Men's Health', in the new fashion of Hollywood Jared Leto he already did it for his role in 'Suicide Squad', time in which he also took the opportunity to play a series of sinister and strange jokes to his co-stars. But probably the most popular performance to date is that of Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight', which earned him the posthumous Oscar and possibly helped popularize the idea that playing this character is similar to playing Hamlet.

Needless to say, these behaviors should not be emulated. The problems of poor diet are many, since diabetes with hypertension, cardiovascular and digestive system diseases, anemia or some types of cancer. Not only that, many miracle diets are based on the loss of fluids or dehydration to create the false sensation of weight loss, and that is why we suffer after the dreaded rebound effect. We may also experience chronic fatigue and could lead, in the future, to develop eating disorders. The extremes are never good.

These types of diets have side effects: from diabetes to hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, anemia or some types of cancer

Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, it is best not to look at the Joaquin Phoenix diets or similar. The fundamental thing is to do it with a head, and for this you may have to consult a nutritionist that will establish a plan according to you, because each body is different. As surely you know, the fundamental thing is to burn more than you consume, exercise both strength and cardio and eat a balanced diet. Nothing to go hungry.