The diet of actress Carola Baleztena to be perfect after 40

We met her in "Nothing is forever" and since then we think a benchmark of beauty and great body. Just turned 40 in January and Carola Baleztena He perfectly combines his work as a presenter and actress with his work as an influencer. In his profile he shows his day to day and has managed to conquer more than 79k followers.

But what we like most about your profile is its naturalness. Share with us your outfits, your hangouts with friends, your busy mommy stories and your beauty treatments or care. Its naturalness He has also shared with us the diet that follows to stay that good. after 40. And we have taken good note to make some changes in our diet!

The actress says that she wanted to lose weight and is following a challenge for which she has lost 3 kilos for now, but has the goal of losing some more. He has decided to make the so-called "Challenge 48" This is a program of functional training, nutrition and aesthetics combined for 48 days. It is a diet rich in protein with very few carbohydrates since its intention, in addition, is to get some muscle.

What is a Carola Baleztena diet day like?

She confesses that, although a protein shake should be taken first as indicated by the challenge, she in the morning only drinks coffee before training and decides to drink the shake right after to feel lighter during training. It is at that moment that he does a more copious breakfast where you take egg (omelette, scrambled, fried), with avocado, ham or nuts, fruit and yogurt. Depending on the hunger you have, combine one or more things.

At noon take protein – chicken, beef, fish or pork – and vegetables, which is usually steamed or creamy. He affirms that with the challenge he is following it is very easy to calculate the quantities since they are measured with the palm of the hand.

Of course, all this protein It is combined with specific exercises to lose weight and shape the body.

In the afternoon take a little ham, a little loin or hummus with carrot and celery, yogurt and / or nuts. She recommends the cashew, walnut, and pistachio which, Carola explains, loves it! It looks like breakfast but avoiding fruit and egg. At night we take protein with vegetables again

Carola can take carbohydrates two days a week and it is when he takes the opportunity to have some toast or some rice, pasta or quinoa burgers. Also two days a week can take legume I usually cook in spoon dishes. 2F% 2Fvivir% 2Fsalud% 2F202002% 2F18% 2Five-habits-help-lose weight-6133482550001-vi.html & duration = 44582videobrightcove6133482550001 brightcove & medio = mujerhoy & id = 6133482550001 & name = Five% 20h% C3% A1bitos% 20que% 20nos% 20ayuda% 20a% 20adelgazar & description = & linkURL = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fvivir% 2Fsalud% 2F202002% 2F202002% help-lose weight-6133482550001-vi.html & duration = 44582

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