The diet & # 039; sirtfood & # 039; with which Adele lost a lot of weight: all the keys

Singer Adele He made headlines all over the world just a few days ago because of his incredible weight loss. The artist, known for such famous themes as 'Hometown Glory' or 'Someone like you' began his career over ten years ago and at that time she was overweight, so much so that on more than one occasion she wondered if being a large woman could have contributed to her success. With the arrival of his later albums '21' and '25' his transformation was confirmed, which has culminated today with a drop of 70 kilos.

The reactions have not been expected and their drastic weight loss has divided, how could it be otherwise, to his fans. While some congratulated her on her new figure, others attacked her for having lost her essence or worried that the singer might have a problem or illness. Be that as it may, your recent weight loss, which she proudly showed in photographs on the beach, she has much to thank the 'Sirtfood' diet.

What is the 'Sirtfood' diet?

It is a plan that can be included within the called miracle diets, since it promises that if you follow it you will lose up to three kilos per week without eliminating the things that can cost you the most to do without, like chocolate or wine. In the case of Adele, according to Pilates personal trainer and instructor Camila Goodis, your incredible weight loss has to do more with this meal plan than with the hours spent in the gym.

"I don't think he would like to exercise much, but he has changed his lifestyle," Goodis explained to the English newspaper 'The Sun'. "Give up processed foods, sugar or soda is very difficult, "he announced. But, then, what does this diet really consist of?

About 'sirtfood' comes from sirtuinas, proteins that are associated with aging and that according to studies that have been carried out with animals, could delay the onset of diseases associated with age. British nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten (the promoters of the diet) have developed it, therefore, pointing out that it consists of taking food that potentiate the action of sirtuins, which would serve to accelerate metabolism and burn fat.

The food that allows

The foods that the diet allows to take are apples, citrus fruits, green tea, kale, dark chocolate, red wine, turkey, chicken, blueberries or prawns. The main problem is that in the first weeks of it the restriction is very strong and only 1,000 kilocalories are allowed to be consumed daily, that would be the first stage. In the second, about two weeks later, you can increase your consumption, but you can only continue eating the indicated foods before.

The problem of the diet is not only based on how restrictive it is, but on the fact that the foods that it allows to take are not sufficient to carry a balanced and correct eating plan. However, the fact that he has jumped into the arena is undoubtedly, in part, thanks to celebrities of the likes of Adele. Despite all this, the sources closest to the singer say that beyond changing their diet, the most important thing they have done is work with a personal trainer three times per week.

According to a July 2019 publication of 'US Weekly': "Adele does 60-minute sessions that include cardio, circuit training and Pilates. He has found a routine that is working for him and he is enjoying it." It seems therefore that The trick for 'adele-gazar' is based more on willpower, exercise and a balanced diet that in supposed miracle plans.