The deco tricks that we are going to copy from Paula Echevarría to have a bigger and brighter kitchen (with impressive before and after photos)

The kitchen It is one of the nerve centers of our home. Beyond being the place where we can bring out the chef in us, the kitchen is a dining room, an office, a study room and a meeting point for family and friends. Therefore, making it a spacious and functional area is key to being able to enjoy it as it deserves. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have a space as wide as we would like and that suits our real needs. The solution? Learn the best deco tricks to make the room look bigger than it really is. And thanks to Before and after photos of Paula Echevarría’s new kitchenwe have signed a few infallible.

The photos of before the reform of the kitchen of Paula Echevarría. Photo: Instagram @pau_eche

As can be seen in the images that Paula Echevarría has shared in her Instagram Stories, the kitchen of her new house in Asturias was “typical of a rustic house”, with a border of earth-colored tiles on the wall and spaces and a dark marquetry, which made the space seems smaller and darkerwhen in reality it is a large area with light, since it has a window and a door to an outside garden.

The photos of Paula Echevarría’s new kitchen. Photo: Instagram @pau_eche

Paula Echevarría has opted for a kitchen in which neutral tones are the great protagonists, making the room look much more spacious and bright. The minimalist style white furniturewhich manage to ‘disappear’ and create a very clean and open space, are combined with natural wood both on the floor, as a countertop and in the front area of ​​the wall, adding that rustic touch that brings warmth and is perfect for a country house.

finally comes into play the light, a key point to give personality and spaciousness to this kitchen. Although the same windows and door to the outside are preserved, a change as simple as changing the carpentry of the frames for a lighter wood (if you do not want more works, it will be enough to paint it) and, instead of traditional curtains, some translucent blinds that allow light to enter at all times and ‘open’ the space to the outside.

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