The deco trick to have a warmer living room are these very cheap yellow chairs

Are you looking to warm up your living room? Then you should bet on earth colors, the great trend of autumn (both in fashion and decoration). They give the perfect touch to any room and provide a homey feeling that we love.

There are many possibilities to take them into your home, from the pieces in ocher colors to the details in orange tones. You can even venture with the gold finishes. But our favorite option is bet on yellow. It is true that it can be a very intense color, so it is important to know how to dose it and combine it with more neutral tones, as the 60-30-10 rule teaches us to combine colors.

A good way to bring it to your living room or dining room is reserve it for the chairs. In this way, you will give a warm touch to the room without losing its elegance. We bring you three possibilities.

You can find the Nordic chair in curry yellow

We have found the first in Sklum. We refer to the Nordic chair, which you can find in curry yellow. It has a cushioned seat and beech wood legs. It includes some non-slip studs that prevent scratches, so it can be used on any type of floor. As for its price, it is € 39.95 per unit.

The ISYS model is FSC certified / Maisons du Monde

Another good option is brought to us by Maisons du Monde. It is the ISYS model, a vintage style chair. It is made of yellow velvet and has oblique black metal legs. It has the FSC certification, which guarantees that the wood with which it is manufactured comes from a responsibly managed forest. It costs € 69.99 per unit.

We finish with the Northdeco Classic Chair, a piece of Nordic style in mustard color. The seat is made of polypropylene and gathers the back perfectly. It has beech wood legs combined with chrome-plated steel rods. This makes it a chair as elegant as it is functional. Its price was € 59.90, but it’s discounted at € 42.99.

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