The deco purchases of the week: decorations, furniture and handicrafts made in Spain that you need at home now (and they are much cheaper than you imagine)

A few days ago we told you: one of our resolutions for the year in this section was to bet and give visibility to more deco brands made in Spain, to the wonderful crafts of our country, to local, sustainable and handmade design and production. To those exquisite workshops and stores that flee from trends with an expiration date and opt for exclusive products (not expensive) to leave our children as an inheritance. Today, our purchases of the week have a Spanish seal and they are true works of art in which it is worth investing.

One of the impressive hand-painted tableware from The Bread Plates and Andrea Zarraluqui

The ceramic tableware from Los Platos de pan are a hit on Instagram, they are hand-painted and each one is unique. CPV

Along with those of Andrea Zarraluqui, the hand-painted ceramic tableware of Los Platos de Pan (by Bárbara Pan de Soraluce) are the most desired on Instagram. Its creators make authentic works of art, unique and exclusive, to dress our table and impress our guests.

Andrea Zarraluqui’s hand-painted tableware sweeps Instagram

A macrame wall mural by RanRan Design

Macramé headboard by RanRan Design (675 euros)

The art of macramé takes us back to rural Spain, to a tradition from another era that still endures today, to the trade of our grandmothers, to the purest and most unique craftsmanship. A headboard like this one, at RanRan Design, costs €675.

Chairs and armchairs ‘made in Spain’ and handmade

These handmade wooden stools from Findings Gallery cost 450 euros.

We have already reviewed in this section the most beautiful designer chairs with their own name in the history of interior design, and today we invite you to take a breather in these seats with Spanish stamp handmadethat will add a very special dèco touch to your living room and dining room. On the one hand, Findings Gallery’s white wooden stools look like sculptures created for rest (450 euros). On the other hand, the yellow velvet armchair by Calma Chechu, customizable in your favorite color or pattern, will put a most inspiring retro note in your home (475 euros).

This retro-inspired velvet armchair costs 475 euros at Calma Chechu.

Design lamps with a Spanish stamp

Table lamps that look like sculptures, from El Atelier Pottery (100 euros).

Art and functionality go hand in hand in these designer lamps made in Spain that could well pass for authentic museum pieces, sculptures that provide touches of indirect light, that other essential ornamental element to make our house look larger. The small auxiliary lamps from El Atelier Pottery cost 100 euros, and the ceiling lamp, customizable in color, from Slow Deco, costs 129 euros.

Customizable ceiling lamp from Slow Deco (129 euros).

The ‘handmade’ detail that will make a difference in your bedroom

The Galician pine headboard from Decowood is reduced to 279 euros. / decorwood

The Nordic style and the quality of Galician pine give shape to this impressive Decowood wooden headboard, which adds the perfect note to a bedroom in which warmth is the protagonist. Handmade in natural wood combining slats in different finishes, it is reduced from 1,125 to 279 euros.

A small sculpture of Spanish design that is much more than it seems

Finally, we need (yes, we need) this original sculpture by No Hay Mapas: the Toulouse speaker is the most emblematic piece of the made in Spain firm, and in addition to its decorative power, it is effectively a sound amplifier for mobile phones. It costs 110 euros and can be personalized,

are you interested