The deco bargains of the week: the best-selling (and cheapest) decorations from the Zara Home sales to add a rustic chic touch to your living room

Our obsession with bargains is proportional to the love we have of looking for tricks to make our house look bigger. For this reason, taking the deco trends for 2022 as a reference, we bet on timeless warmth and we go on sale to Zara Home to search (and find) very cheap ornaments with which to add that ‘rustic chic’ touch that never goes out of style.

The braided jute basket, perfect as a planter or for storage, costs 9.99 euros at Zara Home. The rustic clay vases enameled in curry green or yellow are reduced to 29.99 euros. / zara home

We do not tire of repeating it and it is that details always make the difference: in relationships, in fashion, in decoration. Forever. Therefore, betting on special pieces in our house will be key to transforming it into a home. The rustic aesthetic with hints of sophistication is making a strong comeback this 2022, but to embrace it, no big changes or high budgets are needed. A few touches in the form of vases, baskets, warm lights or textiles will suffice to achieve this and make us feel like we are in a mansion in the middle of the English countryside without leaving our small apartment in the center of the city.

The small retro metal lanterns, perfect for including indirect lighting points in the living room, are on sale at Zara Home at 15.99 euros. The rustic cotton blanket in mustard color costs 29.99 euros in the sales and the chandeliers are available and on sale from 9.99 euros. / zara home

materials and colors They are our great allies to achieve that rustic point that is so desired (and desirable) in our living room. Natural fabrics and fibers, organic cotton, jute, wood, ceramics and clay or the play of textures give shape to small objects with which we achieve great results, and the colors inspired by nature, from the palette of The earth to ochres, garnets or greens will put the icing on the whole, getting bring more warmth to the space.

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