The deco bargain of the week is this extremely cheap Primark rug that is sweeping Instagram because it looks like it was taken from an antique dealer (but it costs less than 40 euros)

The carpet is in the living room like that vintage handkerchief of your grandmother that you wear with a basic look and elevate it to infinity. It is the key piece with which the definitive point of warmth is given to a space and an essential decorative element for a magazine room. Like other textiles such as cushions or curtains, rugs help us to play with color and dare to introduce disruptive styles into a room through details. Of course, they are usually expensive pieces that require a significant investment … until you discover this very cheap Primark rug that all your friends will think you got from an antique shop.

Persian style, worn effect and a very cheerful combination of colors in blue and cream, this Primark Home rug will add a vintage and ethnic touch to your living room for only 35 euros. Yes, you read correctly: 35 euros. The low cost giant continues to inspire us on Instagram with its deco ideas and a collection of elegant finishes that has become our great obsession of the season with furniture and ornaments that seem luxurious but are, in fact, very cheap.

But, once you have bought this low cost deco jewel, how do we put it on? Interior design experts assure that the best way is by placing the rug in such a way that the front legs of the sofa are above it, while the back legs rest on the floor directly, always trying to make the carpet protrude about a foot on each side. The coffee table, auxiliary tables, armchairs or lamps can rest completely on the carpet, thus helping us to frame and delimit this area of ​​the living room.

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Do you Expert tricks to give your carpet the prominence it deserves? Turn it into the common thread of the rest of the elements of the room, and choose the color range following the 60-30-10 rule based on it, thus combining cushions, curtains and other ornaments. In this case, our Primark Home rug, although it is very visually striking, has a medium size, so you can give it more weight in the living room if you place it on a larger jute or wool, for instance. Finally, to prevent corners and edges from lifting and deforming or some areas wear out more than others, the best thing is that you change position from time to time.