The dangers of the hangover

Who has not seen the great movie starring Bradley Cooper, 'Hangover in Las Vegas'? And he doesn't know anyone that something similar happened to him. An acquaintance woke up, after a Toledo night, but instead of meeting Mike Tyson's tiger, he appeared in a manger with a drunkard. Not everything is as glamorous as in the movies.

It seems that recently, a German court has said that hangover is a disease. Frankfurt court sentenced against a company that manufactures a drink and a food supplement in the form of a bar to mitigate it.Taking advantage of Oktoberfest, which is a typical German party that is characterized, among other things, by consuming large quantities of beer, the aforementioned company took the opportunity to advertise its products, both on television and in large advertising posters.

A consumer association filed a lawsuit for deceptive advertising and the court ruled that No food product can prevent, cure or treat a human disease. Therefore, he has recognized hangover as a disease and this can open jurisprudence for thousands of work losses for this reason.

The hangover, also known as ‘raw’ in Mexico or en mouse ’in Venezuela, which are two of my favorite denominations, is a painting that It occurs after the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol. It is characterized by memory loss, nausea and vomiting, headache, vertigo, fatigue, muscle aches, etc.

The cause of the hangover is the excess consumption of alcohol and some accompanying substances, which, when metabolized by our body, are responsible for the symptoms. The drinks that produce more hangover are: cognac, red wine, rum and whiskey. It affects women and thin people more and habitual consumption increases tolerance, since alcohol is processed more quickly.

Avoid using paracetamol

There is nothing to cure the hangover. All we can do is moderate the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Once produced, to try to alleviate its symptoms, a series of measures can be taken: drink water or isotonic drinks, juices, whey, etc. to avoid dehydration produced by alcohol, eat – especially the egg – taking vitamin B6 – which can be found in various foods such as red fruits – can help. Regarding the consumption of painkillers, Paracetamol should be avoided, since, like alcohol, it is toxic to the liver. Be careful with the rest, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, because they are harmful to the stomach and can cause gastritis or ulcer.

Do not joke about excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Beyond a simple hangover can produce more serious consequences such as ethyl coma, alcoholism, increased traffic accidents, cirrhosis, etc. Annually it is responsible for thousands of deaths throughout our world.

Needless to say, it has the risk of alcohol consumption in adolescents. According to a report from the Ministry of Health, half of the young people start their consumption before the age of 15. Generally in disadvantaged social and family environments, and this can compromise their mental health as adults, as well as being one of the main causes of accidents and deaths at these ages.

If people around you criticize you for drinking too much, you feel bad about the consequences of drinking, drink alcohol in the morning, when you wake up or think you should reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, it may be time to contact a professional To help you. Better safe than sorry.

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