The dangerous fashion of drinking & # 039; raw water & # 039; and the risks to health

Would you be willing to drink water from a spring or a natural well without applying any treatment? That is, exactly, what some companies around the world are doing: they have found a vein between people who want to go back to the origins of mankind, but the fashion of drinking raw water has its risks … and many.

Findaspring (find a spring) has become a place of reference for those who seek new access points to 'raw water'. There we can find springs or wells near our location around the world, but also alert of a new site that was not known before.

The founder of that website, Daniel Vitalis, explains in a video that "as happens with animals, We are biologically adapted to raw water. We are not more adapted to refined water than we are to refined carbohydrates. "But health experts do not agree with these categorical statements.

Health risks

Val Curtis, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, shows the BBC its concern for this movement: "This it seems like a step back. We have done everything possible in society to solve the problem of drinking water contamination by purifying it and supplying it in good conditions. We have improved it by putting chlorine and fluoride to kill all the insects and take care of the teeth … these arguments were won years and years ago. Really we want to go back to the Stone Age? "

That is, precisely, what they say from the pages that support this movement: "We have drunk water from untreated spring 99% of our existence" and assure that raw water contains some of the 'good' bacteria what our body needs They even believe that "tap water is contaminated with antibiotic substances and we know that chlorine and fluoride are neurotoxic."

Val Curtis rejects outright all these accusations: "There is no evidence that fluoride and chlorine harm us in the amounts of water we drink." There is absolutely no evidence that residues of drugs such as antibiotics harm human health, Even if they are detectable in small parts per million, it's the same as always: people do not seem to understand that If something is present in very, very small amounts, it is not dangerous"

We have drunk 100% unprocessed spring water from our existence

Val Curtis compares this movement with that of anti-vaccines: "One of the reasons why I do not get sick very often is because I do not drink dirty water, but if I did and it made me sick, It would be a risk not only for me, but for my colleagues. If you drink raw water, you have to take responsibility that it could also be a source of risk for others, not just one. "

But we can not let go of that this trend is becoming, at the same time, a business. Companies like offer a service of frequent delivery at home, that is to say, a contract is signed so that they supply each week the necessary bottles for a family. And the prices of the cheapest deals for people with higher orders far exceed the euro per liter.