The consequences of the pajama effect during quarantine that you did not have

It is not something so trivial, the dress code directly influences our life on many levels, and not only to perform more or less at work, also the pajama effect is transferred to other layers of your life and not precisely for good. These are the consequences of the pajama effect that you should avoid paying attention to your daily dress code during coronavirus quarantine.

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You will finish your workday later

Establishing a routine is very important, both to achieve good mental hygiene and to delimit the space that your daily activities occupy. Pajamas are a garment that is generally associated with rest, with a moment of disconnection and calm and even leisure, so keeping that “dress code” when you start working from home in the morning is going to make it very difficult to enter work mode.

Not only is it going to cost you more to start working, but your day is going to get longer because of that lack of limits in your routine activities. As explained by the psychologist Hugo Onaindia of the Equilibria psychology center "trying to prevent this from happening involves a commitment to schedules and especially new routinesIt's a good idea to have activities like a shower, getting dressed, or doing some sports at home to help you make the transition from "work" mode to "leisure" mode or vice versa. "

So looking for those transitions between activities will make your day to day much easier, putting on and taking off pajamas is part of these transitions that help you to move from one activity to another in a more limited way. "The search for social contact after the day can help make the transition to the night routine, a call to the family or a friend is always a good idea" adds Onaindia.

Your self-esteem will suffer

It will have happened to you more than once and more than two, seeing yourself scruffy, with disheveled hair, in pajamas for days and without taking care of your personal image directly affects your mood and, therefore, your self-esteem. Our advice of course is to get out of pajama mode and relegate it at most on weekends, when your activity is going to be calmer and more idle, and the rest of the week you dress as you like, You can even do a little makeup or comb your hair to look better and thus improve your mood, which these days might be more fragile due to the situation that we have to live in the country.

Psychologist Hugo Onaindia explains that “continuing to maintain your work productivity will keep your self-esteem high, but do not consider work as the only source of self-esteem, look good and enjoy the present with yours, making that link stronger, is very important. ” One more than enough reason to park your pajamas until bedtime.

Time will (inevitably) slow down

At this point we return to talk about the importance of establishing routines delimiting activities. If you don't do it you risk that all your days are very similar and this makes time seem to pass more slowly.

In situations that require a lot of attention or stress, our brain accelerates, however in leisure and calm moments the perception of time is slower. Didn't your childhood summers seem to you?

If to the absence of natural light in the confinement you add the effect of pajamas by not delimiting the spaces of daily activities (with the consequent difficulty in entering the work mode that we mentioned before), the flow of the days will seem slower and this will also affect your mood. "When you flow, time flies by, while if you engage in undemanding activities at first they will create immediate satisfaction but soon you will get bored and lower your spirits" explains Onaindia.

Invites procrastination and apathy

Ok, the pajamas are very comfortable, but we have already told you that being a garment that is associated with rest, calm and tranquility, it will cost you more work to enter "on mode". Being warm in your pajamas invites apathy and procrastination. It's much easier to get carried away by the deadly sin of laziness being in your pajamas and not grooming than if you have showered, dressed (even in comfortable clothes) and lightly made up.

Hugo Onandia offers us a note in this regard, “a drop in your vital tone is normal at the moment but this should not make you procrastinate. These levels of uncertainty have to drive you to control what you can control, pay full attention to your present, to your daily life in quarantine. " Thus apply mindfulness in your days, welcome what makes you feel good like a hot shower, a lipstick or a glass of wine while cookingLooking good and feeling good on a day-to-day basis is essential to make you feel more animated and more productive.

You will increase in size

Pajamas are usually loose, comfortable garments that give off easily. They do not squeeze and are very comfortable, but they do not let you be aware of your figure since they do not usually fit the body or are not garments that tighten when you go up in size as can happen with jeans. For this reason it will be more difficult for you to realize that you are gaining weight and it will take longer to remedy it.

Another reason why you suffer the risk of increasing size is that in your pajamas you are in rest mode, in leisure mode, in movie mode and blanket, in snack mode, that is a dangerous "anything goes" mode that is fine for a day For example, one day on the weekend, but if something habitual is done in your life, it will make you overeat. In these moments of uncertainty, anxiety may already be enough reason to visit the fridge more times than it should. so you better not add more elements that can shake your healthy diet.

There are plenty of comfortable clothes that are perfect for being at home without having to walk all day in your pajamas. Relegate the "night clothes" for bedtime and make a daily plan outlining activities And, of course, to raise your level of well-being and make way for an efficient weekly routine, good hygiene, dressing and grooming yourself a little to look better are key. Cheer up!

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