The cheapest and most practical IKEA shelf or how to make a beautiful designer piece of furniture for less than 50 euros with this quick and easy decoration trick that is sweeping TikTok

The minimalist style that predominates in the IKEA catalogue, together with its versatile proposals and multipurpose solutions, make the Swedish decoration giant the target of DIY lovers to transform very cheap furniture into designer pieces unique and exclusive that no one will think they have a bargain price. We talk about the IKEA hackand with the tricks we learn on social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and, increasingly, TikTok, we achieve results as incredible as the ones we show you here with the Hemnes chest of drawers, the Kallax shelf, the Trones shoe cabinet or the Lack coffee table.

Of course, we have never seen a hack as impressive as this one that sweeps social networks and accumulates almost 100,000 likes on TikTok because it achieves transform the famous Kallax bookcase (available in five colors from 45 euros), the best-selling IKEA, in a piece of furniture with a classic, timeless and elegant style and a minimalist silhouette that blends with the walls themselves and also makes the living room or the room seem larger.

The Kallax shelf is IKEA’s best-seller: it costs from 45 euros and is available in five colours. / IKEA

The Mediterranean essence, with white as the protagonist, sneaks into our living room with this piece of furniture that seems to be made to measure and made by hand, and that you will create with the Kallax shelf as a base in three easy steps with materials that are very easy to use and, moreover, cheap: you only need to buy white plaster putty (the bottle is around 12 euros on Amazon), the famous IKEA piece of furniture and sandpaper and a spatula, if you don’t already have in your box tools.

As user @junesixtyfive explains in her viral TikTok video, the first thing we have to do is prepare the putty dough following the instructions that come on the package and start covering the inside and outside of the Kallax shelf with the spatula. . Then, with the putty still fresh, we will mold it and give it with our hands (better, wear gloves) a rounded shape on the inside corners of the compartments. When it is dry, we will sand it to achieve a smooth surface like that of plaster furniture. If you prefer a more rustic styleyou can leave it rough without sanding, for a textured effect or even paint it in a color that provides a differential note in your living room.

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