The (cheap) side tables from Zara Home are the deco bargain that your living room needs this fall

Details make the difference in the decoration of our home, and the small ornaments and auxiliary furniture are able to transform rooms without investing a lot of money. Zara Home is undoubtedly one of our deco reference stores when we want to make these small significant changes for very little, and although they do not have the bargains of Primark Home, for example, we have found nails perfect side tables to put a touch of very inspiring design in our living room.

This geometric side table with gold legs and glass costs 129 euros at Zara Home. PHOTO: ZARA HOME

Perfect to put a disruptive note in a space with a different and eclectic note that completely ‘breaks’ the style of the room, add touches of color, or ‘dare’ with different textures and finishes, beyond its decorative power, side tables are a versatile and functional piece essential in the most stylish salons.

The set of two nesting tables in gold and marble costs 199 euros at Zara Home; the copper and marble side table costs 79.99 euros; the same as the square table in gold and glass. / ZARA HOME

Although we must always avoid the mistake of first interior design to use them as a ‘catch-all (or disaster)’ in which to leave things out of order, side tables are our great allies to create unique corners in which to place special books, photos that give a very personal touch, our favorite ornaments and souvenirs or indirect light points that bring warmth to the room.

The side table with the door in the large image costs 129 euros at Zara Home; the cube-shaped side table in pine wood costs 79.99 euros; and the black steel table with a wooden tray costs 59.99 euros. / ZARA HOME

Despite having a great decorative power that can make them the absolute stars of a room, as it is a small auxiliary piece of furniture, it does not have to follow the general style of the room in which they are, which allows us to play with materials, textures and colors as far as our imagination reaches. Do you Our favorites? Those that combine glass and gold finishes for sophisticated and elegant living rooms, or those made of wood, perfect for adding a warm and very special ‘rustic chic’ touch.

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