The cardio exercise that burns more fat (and is done in the morning)

You've read it several times, but you do not dare to try it. Are you afraid to fall faint if you do cardio on an empty stomach? Relax, it's not as crazy as it seems. This fashion that many do Famous It consists of doing 20 minutes of aerobic activity before have breakfast.

According to a study published in 'Strength & Conditioning Journal', this type of training is more effective for burn calories to do a full hour of cardiovascular exercise after ingesting any food. The idea is that to carry out a sports activity with the empty stomach it will make the accumulated lipids disappear because the body has no carbohydrates to turn to.

Alex Rodriguez Y Jennifer Lopez They are two of the celebrities who perform this method every morning. What they usually do is leave sugar and carbohydrates for days while sharing their methods in their respective Instagram profiles. "Another beautiful day in New York City about to go do a little cardio on an empty stomach. What good is going with our coach! ", Writes the baseball player in one of his photographs.

What is true?

It has been shown that fasting could be an alternative for athletes They need to improve their brands in resistance disciplines that are carried out at low intensity and are long lasting, but some experts say that it is not recommended for the rest of the population. These workouts demand a high aerobic work and therefore depend on the glycogen deposits of our organism. If we train fasting, the protein catabolism (consumption of tissue and muscle mass when we do not provide our body with the necessary proteins) and could decrease our performance for lack of substrate.

If you want to get real benefits, the best thing you can do after exercise on an empty stomach is that the breakfast portions are small

Ankit Shah says to 'Men's Health' that "it is possible for you to burn more fat, but the fasting cardio routine is not a good long-term strategy because your body will eventually burn fewer calories while trying to keep some of the fat stored." Therefore, some of the consequences could be a sudden lowering of blood glucose (stay white or faint in the gym) or the loss of muscle mass.

"Your body constantly changes the amount of lipids it uses to obtain energy," he says. Brad Schoenfeld, assistant professor in the department of exercise science at Lehman Collegue. So that this does not happen, says the specialist, you could do a "modified fast", that is, making a pre-dinner meal" that does not contain carbohydrates (glucose), but does contain proteins and monounsaturated fats, such as scrambled eggs with mushrooms, avocado with ham or fresh cheese with almonds. "And, of course, you should never forget to hydrate before and during exercise.

Is it safe or not?

What scientists say is quite disparate: there are studies that have discovered that people who fast can burn more fat, but other research shows no difference between those who do cardio having eaten before and those who do not eat anything. Stopping your cereal bowl or toast before going to the gym or going for a run does not have to be harmful for the average, but It is not risk free.

"It is possible that many people feel dizzy or weak while doing sports and some of them will lose muscle mass because the body can also burn proteins. Diabetics should check with their doctor beforehand if they can or can not perform this weight loss technique, "says Shah.


It is a practice for the body suit to have little energy substrate and thereby become more efficient and less dependent on food. To understand ourselves, the body learns to save. Therefore, if fasting is practiced for a prolonged period, as if a too restrictive diet is carried out, the brain can give the order of energy saving, so we will not lose weight.

The best thing is a modified fast: a pre-meal meal that does not provide carbohydrates (glucose), but proteins and monounsaturated fats

If you want to get real benefits, the best thing you can do is that after making the breakfast you eat do not have too many calories. "Let them be smaller than normal portions so that there is a real impact," he explains.

It is possible that for some it works, even if its organism ends up getting used to it and in the long run it stops making sense. Train on an empty stomach It is not synonymous with losing weight. It is advisable that you eat, but choose well what you eat to yield more and have enough energy to meet your day's goals.