The carbohydrates that you can combine with ketosis: this way you lose weight

In case you just escaped from your spaceship to take a tour of the earth and you still don't know what it's the keto diet, We are here to explain it to you. That slimming plan that is being followed by your cousin, the neighbor of the room and the multimillion-dollar singer who appears in children's hours on television has its origin in 1921, when he discovered it the endocrine Henry Rawle Geyelin, and at the beginning it was focused, although it is hard to believe, for patients Children with epilepsy.

What does it consist of? First of all, we must warn that it is one of the most controversial diets that exist. What is intended is to reach ketosis, a state of the organism that occurs when most of the foods we eat are made up of fats. The liver stops using glucose as a source of energy and replaces it with these, so this state, whose symptoms are similar to those caused by fasting, is a process that many athletes look for tune your body.

How is it done? Substituting carbohydrates for healthy fats and maintaining a more or less notable percentage of proteins among the nutrients that will form the basis of our diet. It is a difficult plan to maintain and you have to be prepared, people who follow this type of diet take approximately 60% to 70% fat, 25% and 30% protein and just 5% carbohydrates, therefore, it is not a regimen that You can take a lifetime, the ideal is about six months.

All these fruits and vegetables combine very well with the fats and proteins that make up the bulk of a keto meal plan

In a recent study published in the magazine 'Nutrition Research', obese men who followed this meal plan for 12 weeks experienced a decrease in appetite, an average weight loss of 17 kilos, better physical performance, better brain function and lower insulin levels. You may think that you are not able to make such a big sacrifice by cutting off your hydrate intake. Luckily there are a series of foods that you can continue to take without fear To lose the state of ketosis. These are, according to 'Men's Health'.


While most fruits are outside the limits of a keto diet, this fatty fruit is an exception. It is one of the most popular foods because it is full of healthy monounsaturated fats, and it also has fiber.


Another fruit that you can give the ok to. Is about an excellent source of lycopene compound that is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study published in the 'British Journal of Nutrition'.

Mushrooms and mushrooms

The fleshy texture of fungi makes them very satisfying for people who follow a diet of these characteristics. They generally contain only 15 calories and only one gram of net carbohydrates thanks to its dietary fiber content.

Cauliflower and asparagus

The green color already says it all: this vegetable is low in sugar. You can steam it or even mash it with mash. Studies show that fiber-rich foods like this play an important role in improving intestinal health.

Asparagus, on the other hand, is low in calories and carbohydrates. Have high antioxidant content, like vitamin E and vitamin C, as well as plant chemicals called flavonoids, which have been shown to offer anti-inflammatory properties and blood pressure lowering effects in human studies, according to a recent review in the journal 'Nutrients'.

All these fruits and vegetables combine very well with the fats and proteins that make up the bulk of a ketogenic meal plan, so you shouldn't worry.