The best yoga accessories (and a very special book)

The yoga It is an exercise that goes beyond relaxation and well-being of mind and body. Whether you are a beginner or have experience practicing yoga, start already equipping yourself with the best articles to practice yoga at home. Ideal accessories to perform better postures, discover the wonderful benefits for your health, improve the asanas you have learned, relieve stress generated or achieve a pure and healthy mental and physical state. Get the Balance with techniques of breathing, exercises relaxation Y meditation and fantastic ones yoga kits composed of products with the best opinions of users like you.

Non-slip yoga mats

Non-slip mats allow you to perform yoga exercises with safety and tranquility. There are many types of mats in the market and best anti-slip mats that you can buy are available in different sizes, thickness and size. In addition to providing soil adhesion, it helps keep it clean and prevent slips that can cause discomfort or accidental injury.

To choose the best mat First we must know its characteristics, measures and other data of interest. Therefore, we have decided to make a comparative of the best mats you could to buy on Amazon:

1st: Homfa Non-slip Yoga mat

The best non-slip yoga mat from Homfa is made with natural rubber and microfiber. Highly resistant and durable, it is elastic, odorless and with a soft touch. It should be noted that this mat incorporates a microfiber towel that will serve to absorb the sweat. A possibility with great value for money and with opinions very positive among the users.

The towel effect This yoga mat is highly recommended for beginners who want to practice yoga postures (called asanas) in the tranquility of his home. Busy little space and its design is quite elegant and vintage, unlike the typical mats of one color. Unlike other mats, this one is cheaper. Thus, ideal to start practicing yoga.

2nd: Lifuma Non-Slip Yoga Mat

This fantastic yoga mat is the Best yoga mat for Amazon users. It has a alignment system to be able to perform all the yoga exercises using a guide to know how to position the body, Get one ideal alignment to get the most out of each posture and with a top layer of a material anti-slip to avoid stumbling and accumulation of sweat.

The materials used in the composition of the rug for yoga Non-slip are respectful with the environment and also help to protect the skin avoiding chafing. For all this, this pad It is considered one of the best tools to practice yoga at home. The mats are very useful for practicing Hatha Yoga, the recognized as part physical of yoga.

Zafús, zabutones and yoga meditation cushions

Yoga practitioners will know what the zafú and also him zabutón. However, novices in this art of relaxation may be unaware of both terms. The zafú and the zabutón are two meditation cushions that form the yoga kit perfect for to meditate. Both work very well together and the zabutón is usually put under the zafú. They stand out for being handmade cushions and for its natural properties.

Zafú and zabutón to meditate

The zafú It's about a round cushion wool filling with great properties and health benefits: it is breathable, facilitates the expulsion of moisture from the body, regulates body temperature, its tissue is hypoallergenic and is resistant to mold and mites. The zabutón consists of a Rectangular cushion which is below the zafú. The combination of both accessories for yoga will allow you to achieve a state of relaxation and meditation. A fantastic alternative to meditate and find your inner peace.

Meditation bench

In addition to sitting on the floor to meditate, you can also do it on a stool or meditation bench. Practice yoga easily on a piece of solid oak, with folding legs and rounded edges that is very easy to use, transport and store once finished the process of meditation.

Meditation bench

The objective of this type of meditation benches for yoga is that you back spread over them and be as straight possible, helping a more relaxed and simple meditation. There are different stools to meditate and we have found one with excellent opinions.

Yoga wheel

A modern accessory to practice yoga is the wheel of yoga. Also know as ring of yoga, this utensil is very effective to help flengthen the trunk, improve the balance or relieve stress, among other benefits. It is increasingly used by people who practice yoga and has very good opinions.

Yoga wheel

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This revolutionary article is intended for both novices and expert yoga practitioners. You can tone your body, relax the muscles, stretch your back and shoulders and get a better alignment of your column.

Blocks or bricks of yoga

An important part in any sport or physical activity is the stretching. To help you perform better exercises and stretching you can get hold of an accessory as useful as block or brick yoga.

Yoga block

This type of block is made with foam and easily adapts without causing pain to anyone. Among the most salient benefits of a yoga brick stand out: they help you get a most effective posture, allow more intense and effective stretching and help you improve balance.

Towel for yoga

The towel It is an indispensable part to dry the sweat while you practice yoga at home. While it is true that there are mats that incorporate microfiber towels, the classic mats need a towel to prevent them from getting wet with sweat.

Microfiber non-slip towel

This type of yoga articles allow you to carry out disciplines or types of yoga such as Asthanga or the Bikram with better results and achieving maximum well-being. In any type of yoga it is essential to have a towel. For example, in the Vinyasa Yoga, a variety of high intensity yoga ideal to stay in shape, you will need to dry your sweat.

Belts for yoga

Thanks to the yoga belts you can get more natural and healthy stretches. Using these types of straps you will be helping your body in the execution and execution of the main exercises of most yoga exercises.

Belt for yoga stretches

With the help of a relatively inexpensive article like a belt for yoga you will get softer stretches with a very low risk of injury. You can get positions like paschimottanasana or navasana with lower tension and maximum relaxation of your muscles. In addition, this type of belts have an eco component since they are handmade articles with sustainable organic cotton.

Cool off with the water bottle

When we go to perform any physical activity we must always have a bottle with us Water to hydrate Every drop of sweat used in yoga it must be an answer and for this we will need to have water always at hand.

Water bottle

Keeping the water fresh for a drink every time you need it is very pleasant. So much so that with this stainless steel bottle you will keep cold water to drink between asana and posture.

Every drop of sweat used in yoga should be an answer and for this we need to have water always at hand

The most complete book about Pranayama

And if you like to read, a highly recommended reading about yoga is the book of Van Lysebeth André titled "Pranayama" Deceased in 2004, this Belgian man and wise yoga instructor is one of the world references when talking about yoga.

Pranayama, the book of yoga sage Van Lysebeth André

You can buy the book and start putting into practice the wisdom contained in its inner pages. Namaste!