The best weight loss tricks by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Aniston Y Reese witherspoon They are like sisters, and not only because they have played those roles in the mythical series of 'Friends', but because they get along very well in real life. More than a decade later, both have returned to coincide on television in the program 'The Morning Show'. There they have shown that time does not go through them, because they stay almost so young Like ten years ago.

What are your secrets? What training routines do they perform? That eating plans use not to grow old? We are not going to deny that some aesthetic retouching is also there, especially Aniston, but to have 50 and 43 years old, they look like a guy and have a enviable health.

The key to being this great, as they have confessed, is fasting or intermittent fasting (16: 8), a method that both stars follow religiously and that has become a philosophy of life among many celebrities. In addition, they take many green juices and train six days a week.

How is the diet

According to an investigation, this regime makes the pancreas regenerate cells They regulate blood sugar. Essentially, these types of plans may have the potential to Help fight diabetes.

Fortunately, after these written plans, they have a rest day a week in which they can skip the diet and eat whatever they want.

It's very simple. The regime proposes limit food consumption to only eight hours a day, a technique that supports weight control. All calories have to be ingested in that period. It does not matter how much fat you take if it is within that time. Of course, the next sixteen hours you can not taste bite (calm, water yes).

Celebrity Routine

"I practice intermittent fasting, so I don't know anything about what it is to have breakfast," Aniston reveals about this way to lose weight and activate the metabolism by controlling the time in which meals are made. In a recent interview for 'Radio Times', they unveiled some of the habits that follow to stay perfect year after year: "I have noticed a huge difference since I spend 16 hours without taking any food solid, "he adds, who lets that time go by since dinner at the first intake the next morning.

"Just zomo a green juice and a coffee first thing"says Reese." Jen knows a lot about health and sports, so I always talk to her about this. It's great giving wellness advice, "he continues. In an interview given in 2005 he also revealed that for lunch take a plate full of protein with steamed vegetables or white fish while for dinner I ate a Mexican taco with grilled chicken.

Reese gets up at 5:30 and Jennifer at 9:00, but both exercise early in the morning like jogging or surfing, your favorite activities to stay active. In addition, Aniston ensures that he trains six days a week, and even when he is not fasting, the day begins with a celery juice, followed by meditation and a routine of physical activity.

Cheat day

Fortunately, after these written plans, they have a day of rest. We are sure that you are familiar with the term 'cheat meal', a cheat day a week in which they can skip the regime and eat whatever they want (but do not overdo it, that you can do it does not mean you have to go to some type of fast food establishment. You can eat a hamburger, but made for you, for example).

The key to being this healthy is 'fasting' or intermittent fasting (16: 8), a method that both stars follow religiously

Both actresses are allowed this day because if not "life would be unsustainable", says Aniston. The celebrities are immersed in the presentation of their new series and still continue to plan their plans. "We are entering a time when female voices are important in Hollywood, because women see things differently. Jen and I probably wouldn't have been able to do this show ten years ago. But people take us more seriously as creators and producers now, "says Reese.