The best ways to lose weight without needing to diet

When it comes to losing weight, the steps you should take seem to be very clear. All you need is get rid of fats, Bet on a healthy diet and, above all, perform physical exercise to burn calories. But the most important thing, and what nobody seems to ever talk about, is that it takes a great willpower to achieve your goals successfully.

In recent years, there has been a huge explosion of fad diets, such as keto, paleo or intermittent fasting. Whatever you decide, before starting with each of them it is best to consult with your trusted doctor If these suit you. But as we said, many of them demand levels of willpower that the most common of mortals lacks. If you've never been self-conscious about nutrition issues, you will find it especially difficult Follow one of these diets carefully.

If you eat at a slower pace you will feel satiated. When you go in a hurry your stomach does not have time to tell the brain that it is already full

That is why today we propose that you change the focus, forget about the motivational phrases and the steps to follow. There are effective ways to lose weight without necessarily having to go hungry or be condemning to ingest products rich in fiber but with zero carbohydrates. The magazine 'WebMD' has compiled some of the tactics that you can adopt from today to see lower scale numbers in a progressive way.

Eat slower

One of the factors that most favor the empachos is precisely the speed at which you eat the food. Although it may seem psychological, if you eat at a slower pace you will feel more satiated. And not only that, but you'll also enjoy the process more. When you eat in a hurry Your stomach does not have time to tell the brain that it is already full. One of the best tips to change the chip and enjoy your meals more slowly can be to count a timer with a set number of minutes to make you savor more and ingest less copious portions.

Sleep more and better

One of the habits that most influence weight loss is the fact that enjoy a good rest. It is essential to sleep well for your body to burn calories. One of the keys to achieve this is to avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible (and especially at night), because even if it gives you a sleepy feeling, your body and mind do not rest fully. And, secondly, do not fall into the temptation of night binge. Poor digestion can ruin your rest, so you should opt for frugal and simple meals at your dinners. Apart from these two issues, there are studies that ensure that less sleep can stimulate your appetite more.

Fill your plate with vegetables

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating five pieces of fruit or vegetables a day, and it is something you should not neglect if you want to lose weight. The high fiber, vitamins and water content fills you with fewer calories. If you don't like them very much, you can combine them with some lean grilled protein, like chicken or fish But yes, fill your plate with green, because it is life.

Bet on the integrals

If you are a breadwinner, it is best to opt for the one made from whole grains. Like if you love rice. This is one of the best known strategies for losing weight slowly. Its particularity is that they make you feel full longer and they can also improve your blood cholesterol levels. You don't have to give up a pizza or a good toast, as long as the ingredients you put on are healthy and The bread is integral.

Stay away from fats

It seems obvious, but it is worth remembering that if you want to lose weight you should shortcut any type of animal fat. The sausages are over (and even more the sandwiches, which multiply your chances of failing), The bacon or the fried.

Reduce sugar

If you love soda and you can't live without them, you better say goodbye or alternatively buy substitute products on the palate, for example, carbonated water. We are still in winter and there is nothing more pleasant than to get home after a cold day and pour yourself a good hot tea. If this is ginger or lemon It will work as an excellent agent against seasonal flu and constipation. Therefore, reject sugary soda and bet on healthy drinks.

Goodbye to alcohol

This drink contains countless empty calories That make you fat. In addition, many of them such as wine or beer also increase appetite, making expeditions to the refrigerator become more recurrent. What to take instead? Either alternatives without alcohol or look for a new product that will help you relax. Some slimming plans include, for example, the consumption of nuts, a healthier food. The experts already say it, if you want to stop doing something that you liked very much, the best thing you can do is get hooked on something else.