The best ways to lose weight after turning 40

The 40 are there, around the corner, ready to grab you between their claws. Hey, nothing's wrong, any other option is worse, but the truth is that the days of your adolescence in which you could eat pizza and then have dried breakfast have been far behind. Maybe now you eat much better and still the weight does not seem get off on the scale. Things of the age?

As you get older, as you will know slows down your metabolism. "In addition, it is natural to lose muscle mass," he says. William Samuel Yancy in the men's magazine 'Men's Health'. "That's why it costs a lot more to have the youth body. However, although difficult, it is not impossible to 'hack' your biology and lifestyle to lose weight once you have passed that age range"

The exercises

Starting at age 30 you can lose 3 to 5% of muscle mass if you do not stay active. Luckily, it's a conditional, since you can also choose to keep it or even recover it with a regular strength routine. The best? You know, always combine strength exercises with cardio. If you are aiming at the gym you can start with eight or ten minutes of bicycle, elliptical or tape, in order to warm up, and then start training: squats, leg presses, work with kettlebell… and then return to the charge with another half hour of cardio.

An exercise routine in which you combine cardio and strength is essential, the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to lose weight

Why is it so important to follow an exercise routine? (ideally three to four days a week), "the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn," he says. Kristin Kirkpatrick, medicine consultant and lifestyle for the Cleveland Clinic. "It affects the metabolism, therefore you can eat more." Therefore you should try to combine strength and cardio, as we said.

At the time of sinking the tooth

That's right, because a diet becomes fashionable It does not mean that you have to follow it. Each person is a world and there are many eating patterns that can be used to lose weight, if you are a frequent reader of this section you will know them well: keto, paleo, mediterranean, vegan… Unfortunately we have bad news: there is not so much research about which works better in men and women. "For men, sometimes it's as simple as cutting calories or shortening time in that you eat at a window for 8 to 10 hours per day"(the famous intermittent fasting), says the expert Even something as simple as not eating after 6 pm can make a big difference.

If you really want a specific plan and you think you have enough willpower to carry it out, it is essential that you adapt to your lifestyle, and for men over 40 sometimes it's a bit complicated with the obligations of work and family. Keto is going to be difficult on these occasions, for example, you do not limits to choose What worked for a friend, think about yourself.

"Curious sober"

"Another factor that I see that can help men is to take a look at drinking habits," he explains. "The men I've ever recommended cutting with alcohol (or reduce it significantly) tend to lose weight more easily. "

If you want to start a diet, it is essential that you choose a plan that fits your life

Okay, maybe you've put your hands to your head because you're not willing to be take away happiness that brings a fresh beer a hot afternoon. Do not worry, being curious sober does not mean become abstemious. There are many options without alcohol in the market, because today you can perfectly maintain social life without having to drink three drinks. Your body will thank you and your scale It will surprise you.