The best way to reduce the risk of stroke and stroke, according to cardiologists

When the Blood flow in one part of the brain is interrupted as a result of the break or blockage of a vessel, we talk about stroke. This can be hemorrhagic (when a blood vessel in the brain it breaks allowing the blood spreading through the brain) or ischemic (when a blood vessel that carries blood to the brain is blocked or restricted due to arteries that have narrowed or a blood clot).

Sometimes it's surprising that young people, like Emilia Clarke (32 years old), the sadly deceased Luke Perry (52 years old) or recently in our country Jorge Javier Vázquez (48 years old) may suffer something like this. While is true that the risk increases with age, it can happen to anyone, either because they have a family history or hypertension.

The important thing is to consult your doctor regularly. High blood pressure is one of the main causes of stroke

Strokes are the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. Every four minutes someone dies due to this condition. That is why, although it is impossible to avoid it absolutely, it is convenient to adopt some practices that can prevent them, and adopt a style of healthier life.

Check your blood pressure

It is fundamental, especially because, depending on your results, you can take actions. The important is that consult your doctor regularly how is your health, since high blood pressure is one of the main causes of accident cerebrovascular.

According to the doctor Segal in 'Prevention': "This varies according to your current health.If you do not have high blood pressure it is recommended to do the check-up once every two years.Some doctors will even say more time, from three to five years, especially if you are young "he says. Instead, If you have hypertension, you will have to check it periodically. If you are pregnant and suffer preeclampsia, go to the doctor too.


In an ideal world we could spend the day feeding on pizzas and hamburgers, but probably at the moment of truth we do not we would find very well. The incorporation of anti-inflammatory foods (whole grains, healthy fish like salmon, vegetables) can certainly help you reduce blood pressure naturally. If you decrease Sodium intake you will also get it and, of course, you should avoid food with high cholesterol content which can cause blood clots.

Besides sodium, it's also a good idea the specialists increase the consumption of potassium. It also plays an essential role. When there is too much water in our body, our blood pressure increases. Sodium tells our body to store or retain more water; In contrast, potassium is the key to balancing the body's salt intake, as it helps regulate fluids. The avocado is your ally, better to take potassium naturally and not in supplements.

Are you a woman and you take the pill?

Women with a history of migraine with aura have a greater risk of suffering a cerebrovascular accident and they should avoid oral contraceptives and smoking, in addition to having their blood pressure well controlled, explains Dr. Segal. "You can take contraceptives but with a lower dose of estrogen, "he concludes.

Exercise and avoid tobacco

Okay, we know it's hard to find time to exercise when you spend nine hours sitting at the computer, but up to 30 minutes make a difference Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart diseaseHeart and obesity. Take a break for quick rides or go to the gym early in the morning or at the last minute. And it combines cardio and strength training.

You are not reading anything new if we tell you that the tobacco It is harmful. The atherosclerosis It is an accumulation of plaque in the arteries caused by chemicals found in cigarette smoke, which will cause your arteries to narrow, which decreases the flow of blood to vital parts of your body. A September 2017 study of 'Neurology'that followed more than 3,000 men and women after suffering a stroke he showed that quitting smoking significantly reduced his comparative risk with those who did not.