The best viral deco tricks we’ve learned this year and how to copy them for free to make our house look bigger and prettier in 2022

During the last months we have had a clear objective in this section: to search (and find) the best decoration tricks to help you have a magazine house for very little money, make the most of all the corners of your home and make the different rooms and rooms seem bigger without doing any renovations. Some of these tricks have swept Instagram, others have inspired us from Pinterest and many others have made us dream of impressive houses that we could replicate in our small apartments with much less effort than we imagined. The year is coming to an end and we have to take stock while we review the best deco tips we’ve given you in 2021 … so that you can finally put them into practice in 2022.

Goal 2022: make our house look bigger

Undoubtedly, get different rooms from our house seem bigger It has been one of our great deco goals of the year. It is true that not all of us can live in the mansions that we would like, but any house can be a spacious and comfortable home if we know how. The trends of 2022 are on our side, so during this time we have used light, we have allied ourselves with the color white, we have found beds that (literally) were raised on the ceiling to multiply the useful space of a bedroom, we have Looking for furniture with a trick to decorate the rooms, we have made storage one more ornamental element, we have opted for versatility and functionality …

A house that seems luxury … and is low cost

We have not tired of repeating it in recent months: having a house that looks luxury in a low cost version is much easier than it seems. The key is to know how to find the best deco bargains from our favorite stores, and with pleasure and a few deco tricks, achieve opulent rooms that look like something out of a magazine. The use of materials is key, combining woods with textured fabrics, applying touches of shine through metallic finishes, daring ourselves with striking prints and velvet notes, as well as placing ‘cheap & chic’ ornaments that imitate the great design classics (like these lamps or these chairs) or transform very cheap furniture almost for free and that look like something out of an antique shop. The result? Rooms that become the envy of your friends.

The 60-30-10 rule, the great deco lesson of the year

The quintessential viral deco trick we’ve learned this year is the 60-30-10 color-matching rule. And, choosing well the color palette that our home will paint is key to achieving harmonious and elegant spaces. But be careful, we are not talking only about the walls (we confess unconditionally to plain white, goodbye gotelé), but about each of the decorative elements, from furniture to textiles and ornaments, with which we will achieve a magazine result. The best option to find the winning color combination? Follow this very easy and very useful trick that has already gone viral on the most inspiring deco accounts on Instagram.

This ‘golden ratio’ in the deco version “is a good guide to achieve balanced or relaxed spaces”, they explain from Dimeic, “and it is achieved by using 60% of the neutral tone of your color palette, 30% in some relevant pieces or furniture […] and 10% on the decorative touches that will be the accent of your stay ».