The best viral deco tricks to make your small bathroom look bigger

Being and looking are not synonymous. Therefore, although some of the rooms in your home are smaller than you would like, they do not have to seem so. In the house, we never tire of saying it, size does not matter. Because even if we dream of living in a mansion, our 50-square-meter apartment may seem like it. We show you with these deco tricks for the living room, for the kitchen, for the children’s room … and now we focus on the bathroom to give you a few very practical tips to make it look more spacious, bright and, ultimately, more beautiful.


It does not matter if it is the guest toilet or the main bathroom, it is smaller than you would like and the first deco rule to achieve spaciousness is common to everyone: make the color white the protagonist. We’ve already talked at length here about the power of white to make spaces appear larger. Reflects the light and multiplies the square meters as if by magic. In the bathroom, it also transmits peace and cleanliness, something essential for our beauty and relaxation rituals to rise to another level. Yes indeed, flee from the hospital effect and, as the interior designer Helena Martín recommended to us a few days ago, “we must generate textures and reliefs, use wall coverings, wall or ceiling moldings, textured paints… A single color with many different finishes. Or we can start with a very light white as a general color and use somewhat darker whites in the same palette for other elements. In this case, know the 60-30-10 rule of color matching It will be great for you to choose furniture and textiles and bring warmth to the whole.


Light is another of the key aspects to create a feeling of spaciousness. If it can be natural through a window or skylight, perfect, but if not, you can play with artificial lighting: points of direct white light in the mirror area to be able to carry out your beauty ritual properly, and a warmer ceiling lighting, for moments of relaxation. Also, don’t forget to play with mirrors, a fundamental decoration element because, in addition to their functionality, they reflect that light, multiply the visual field and automatically expand spaces.


Architectural elements can also become great allies to generate a feeling of spaciousness. Although white is the base, you can play with the finish of the floor and bet on some more original tiles or flooring. And above all, we can give prominence to a wall with vinyl or colored paint finishes, providing a bright and very lively point. Of course, only one. The rest of the walls use them to storage with open shelves and shelvesSince the abuse of closed furniture with doors generates the opposite effect, it dwarfs the rooms.


At the time of choose the furniture, bets on versatile and multifunctional designs (heated towel rails, laundry basket with a lid that acts as a bench, auxiliary trolleys to keep beauty products …), simple lines and a minimalist style that does not overload the bathroom and give more feeling of spaciousness. Also, put a transparent smooth screen that does not visually divide the space and make it diaphanous and place a sliding door, so that you do not lose an inch of the room. In addition, there are sinks with narrower measurements of the standard ones, but longer, so that its usefulness is not lost, but space is gained.

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