The best viral deco tricks to make the most of a small apartment (and make it look bigger) are on Ikea Japan’s Instagram

We have to admit it: we are obsessed with make our house look bigger. For this reason, we cannot stop looking for tricks to expand living room, bedroom, kitchen spaces… And of course, what better inspiration than Japanese micro-homes and the practical ideas of IKEA experts to make magic and achieve multiply the meters with the (good) use of light, colour, versatile furniture, hints of imagination and the occasional trompe l’oeil with very good results.

Calm down, most likely you do not understand a single letter of the explanation of the photos, but in this case, that an image says more than a thousand words is a fact: the photos speak for themselves, and from them, we can pull out very practical tricks with spectacular results. First? If your house is small, you need multipurpose spaces that adapt to your needs, although these change throughout the day. Living room-bedroom, dining room-office, kitchen-living room… And, with them, versatile and convertible furniture, from sofa beds to extendable tables, stackable chairs or shelves that hide work areas.

Storage and order will be key to maximizing space. We have seen it with the FlyLady method, the Oosouji method and with these great ideas to take advantage of every corner, but at IKEA Japan they have it clear: the objective is get a place where there seems to be none. And for this, we will use the double heights, the shelves up to the ceiling, the stairwells, the bottom of beds and sofas, the 2-in-1 furniture with chests.

Deco tricks to make better use of space and expand the storage of our house. / instagram ikea japan

Finally, this time, there are color and light, two key elements to expand spaces. Following the 60-30-10 rule, we will make the White or neutral tones the protagonists of small homes, creating a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness that will be further enhanced with good lighting, if it is natural, better than better. In addition, we will bet whenever possible on the open concept rooms and the low furniture and minimalist lines that they do not ‘break’ the spaces and allow a visual continuity that will make everything appear much larger than it really is.

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