The best tricks to stop pecking at night

Maintaining a healthy diet may cost a bit but it's all a matter of habits. The reality is that many times when you get home at dusk or even having already had dinner, you can enter an uncontrollable desire to attack the fridge either because of stress, anxiety or not having eaten in an orderly manner during the day. Not everything is a matter of whipping and willpower, there are some small tricks that can make you stop having that almost uncontrollable desire to peck at night.


Time limit

Setting a time limit for food intake is the first step to follow if you want to end that night pecking that is making you gain extra pounds and sometimes also brings feelings of guilt and shame. To follow a healthy diet and a good lifestyle, set yourself an hour to make your last meal of the day, at least two hours before bedtime to go to bed with the digestion done. If you think that in those two hours you can fall into the temptation of pecking keep reading because there are some more tricks you should keep in mind.


Take dark chocolate

Finish your dinner with one or two ounces of dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa, if the concentration is much better. Dark chocolate will give you antioxidants and you will also associate it with a small pleasure or reward, a dessert that takes with a stroke the anxiety to eat something sweet and that is also very beneficial for health.

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Drink water

Many times the brain confuses thirst with hunger so, when you feel like throwing yourself in the fridge or pantry to eat the first thing you eat, whether sweet or savory, stop, breathe and drink a glass of water, you will see how surely in a few minutes that anxiety to eat will dissipate. You can also take an infusion to relax, a rooibos, a chamomile, a chai tea or an infusion of lemon verbena.


Brush your teeth

This trick is one of the most infallible to avoid itching at night. If at the end of dinner you brush your teeth that simple gesture of oral hygiene will click on your head since the taste that remains in the mouth does not give rise to pecking, besides being a deterrent since it would touch you again to brush your teeth after pecking.


Change routine

There is nothing better than making changes if you want to end a habit that has been installed in your life. A routine change overwhelms the brain's plans and if, for example, you were used to watching TV after dinner and while you were craving cookies, chocolates, pizza left over from dinner or pastries, if you do a reset on your routine, that desire to snack that is a habit will go away as if by magic. Choose a routine that allows you to fall asleep and have a good rest, of course forgetting about food. Have dinner soon, take your two ounces of dark chocolate with a warm infusion, brush your teeth and get a good book Either take a shower, spray a pillow mist with essential oils on the bed or practice a few minutes of meditation. Everything is to forget to peck and also to organize life in a more comfortable way and to help you maintain harmony and balance between body and mind.

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