The best tricks to lose weight and eliminate the fat you have left over

It is done. You don't know what else to do, you're still the diet daily (or at least you try to eat healthy), you do sports several days a week, even you combine strength exercises with cardio As the media say it should be done! And nothing, hey, that you you climb the scale And you don't notice difference. Not everything is lost, you don't need to make a ball on the floor and you regret your existence, because perhaps there is something you are not doing.

The American youtuber known as Alpha M. has millions of subscribers and has recently shared a video explaining what you really have to do to lose that fat that accumulates in the belly, the sides and even sometimes in the chest. "Two words: surgery"he says." Just kidding! It is useless, but you cannot lie down and think that the body cannot change in any way. Is a lie. There are things you can do to minimize those parts of the anatomy so unpleasant"he says.

Convert fat to muscle

There are three muscles that, according to him, if they work they will make your whole body look much better. You just have to focus on them. They are the chest, shoulders and back. You may not be used to working those areas, but for that reason it is a good idea.

The youtuber Alpha M.

"One of the ways to reduce that fat breasts mockery is to turn these areas into muscle, "he says." I, for example, also have fat located in that area, but it seems smaller because when exercising the back and shoulders your body it will acquire a V-shape and then, visually, those kilos will not seem to be left over. "

Correct your posture

It's fundamental. If you feel bad, for example, when you work (and that is many but many hours) finally all the excess fat in your body It will fall by its own weight. "I recommend that when you walk throw your shoulders back and correct your posture, "he explains.

Some tricks to lose those extra kilos are to walk every day on an empty stomach

"You get a stomach too, and of course, when you sit down, you must stay straight"It may seem silly, but it ensures that it works. Although, of course, it must also be combined with a good diet.

The diet

"The first thing you should keep in mind is that never, but never, you must drink calories"he explains when he focuses on how to carry out a healthy diet." Nothing to take a frappuccino or a Coca-Cola. Drink only water".

"I also recommend that you prepare the food yourself, because in doing so you know exactly what you are eating. Nothing processed, when are you hungry you are like a wild animal That attacks with everything in its path. The quality of the calories that you eat is essential and I, at my age, am opting for organic food. "

Burn more calories every day

It's all about keep active, every day, a little more. Not only do cardio, you should also take a walk every day, but, importantly, always on an empty stomach "Reduce the calories you consume or burn, or, as I recommend, both. It will not be enough just with exercise, not only with diet, you must combine. If we return to point number one: how much more muscle forms, easier will burn the calories, so get on with it, "he says.

It is not fast

"It is not a secret and you will hear me say it continuously, this is not something that happen overnight"he says." It's a way of life. If you get on it on a weekend and expect to notice the results on Monday, let me tell you that you are wrong, it doesn't work that way. The good is waiting, but I assure you that you will feel amazing, if you find really your balance point"he concludes.