The best trick of a doctor to sleep peacefully and without insomnia

Karan raj is a doctor who has gained significant popularity on the TikTok platform. Through this medium, the doctor is in charge of spreading different methods to achieve a fuller life. On this occasion, Karan has shared her trick, known as “10-3-2-1” to achieve a good night’s sleep without suffering from insomnia.

Dr. Karan Raj is a surgeon belonging to the National Health Service British and university professor. However, he also spends a percentage of his time creating explainer videos about healthy living on the Tiktok platform. In one of these videos, Karan gives a detailed explanation of the optimal procedure to sleep peacefully and avoid the problems of insomnia. This procedure is called “10-3-2-1” and its application has been very effective in achieving a good rest.

What is Karan Raj’s “10-3-2-1” method?

The TikTok account belonging to Dr. Karan Raj is found by his user @ dr.karanr. In this the surgeon uploaded an interesting content for his community where he explains in detail what the procedure is based on. method “10-3-2-1”. Mainly, it must be known that each of the numbers in this system is related to the hours remaining to go to rest. Likewise, they reflect the different acts that should be avoided from those moments.

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In this way, Dr. Karan Raj explains step by step the procedure to carry out this method. In the video, the surgeon explains that ten hours before sleeping, you should not ingest caffeine. That encompasses the time it takes for the body to eliminate caffeine out of the bloodstream and completely remove its stimulating impact.

On the other hand, he also explains that three hours before going to rest, it will be essential to avoid large meals. This will be of great help to avoid suffering from heartburn, which can lead to interruption of sleep. Too alcoholic beverages should be avoided, as they can negatively influence REM sleep (The deepest stage of sleep).

Finally, Dr. Karan Raj explains in his video the two remaining steps to achieve a peaceful and peaceful sleep. The first is based on two hours before going to sleep, you should not work. This will promote a better level of mental relaxation, according to the British doctor. The second step is that one hour before sleeping, screens such as cell phones, computers or televisions must be eliminated. Blue light prevents melatonin from being produced, leading to delayed sleep.

In this way, the doctor and tiktoker provided the most accurate method to achieve a good rest on his TikTok account. Being this video viewed by almost a million users since he got on the platform.

Have you tried this technique yet?


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