The best tips to lose weight without even realizing it

By now, everyone should be starting to think about 'Operation bikini'. Unfortunately, the coronavirus emergency situation has forced us to stay home for the past few weeks, so all of those purposes of losing weight seem to have been relegated to the background or left out.

Fortunately, we will soon begin the new phase of de-escalation that will allow adults to play sports outdoors under strict security measures and social distancing to prevent the number of infections from rebounding. Thus, the time has come to summon up the courage to sweat again and get in shape, either with the set goal of losing weight or simply to aspire to a healthier life, which in recent weeks may have become sedentary.

Drinking a good amount of water a day to stay hydrated will also help purify the body of toxins and burn fat.

Playing sports is not only healthy for your bodies, muscles and organs, but also for your mental health. Firstly, for the simple fact that it distracts from the problems, but also because helps our body release endorphins, the 'hormone of happiness', which will have a favorable impact on your state of mind to face with more courage what remains of the quarantine. Here are a few tips from 'Eat This Not That' magazine to get back to racing and exercising in the best possible way, and not only that, but also notice the change on the scale.

Your best friends: vegetables

As in any period of weight loss, fruits and vegetables will continue to be your best friends when it comes to losing weight, since their high amount of fibers purify the fats from your body and also recharge them with vitamins. One of the advantages is that many of them are very satisfying, such as bananas or apples, so they will serve to calm your appetite between meals. Remember: the general recommendation of health organizations is that your daily intake contains at least five pieces of fruit or vegetables.

Take protein

In addition to being an excellent satiator and a recharge of energy for the bodyThey also help build muscle. Where can we find proteins and how to cook them in the best way so that they do not carry fats with them? Obviously, everything that is grilled fish and meat, with very little oil. And if you accompany these steaks with a good garnish of vegetables, the dish will not only be healthy, but also delicious.

Drink a lot of water

Another tip in any self-respecting weight loss process. Drinking a good amount of water a day to stay hydrated will also help you cleanse your body of toxins and burn fat. In the same way, can be used to avoid impulsive meals since if you drink a good amount before the first bite, it will help you feel satiated in less time. In short, the more water you drink, the greater the amount of weight you will lose.

Organization above all

If you want to be serious about losing weight, the best thing you can do is take a piece of paper and a pen to write down all the progress made to date. Similarly, set a fixed menu for the whole week. Now that most of the establishments are closed, we have no choice but to cook at home, which will increase the chances of success in your effort to lose weight.

If you go to the scale every morning, write down the number of grams and kilos you are losing, although it is not good to be obsessed with short-term results either. Remember that this is a long distance race whose goal is slow to reach.

Believe in yourself

Most importantly, and does not require any change of habit, just perspective. It is normal for you at first to think that you are not doing well enough not to see immediate results. Avoid messages that self-sabotage you and don't get frustrated. Believe in yourself. Like anything in life, the lesson you must learn is that you have to try it again and again for it to be successful. In the same way, don't push yourself too hard and reserve a day a week of rest to eat what you want and relax.