The best tips to lose weight with little effort

Let's face it: losing weight quickly and painlessly is not easy. The basic recommendations are very clear and always the same. Among them are restricting your favorite foods and betting on foods low in fat, carbohydrates and sugars, but to that we must add a regular exercise routine and, above all, a lot of willpower.

For all these reasons, relapses and wasted opportunities are often frequent. At this point, the most convenient thing will be to bet on a lasting and prolonged weight loss, Only then will the hard task of losing weight be easier and less uncomfortable. And actually, there are some surprisingly easy tricks to getting in shape while shedding excess pounds. The magazine 'Eat This Not That' has made a list with some of them that we will see below.

Brush your teeth

It may sound silly, but if one day or night you find yourself hungry after opting for a light meal, the most efficient way to resist the temptation and reopen the fridge is tor brush your teeth within minutes of finishing your plate. This is corroborated Lisa Kiersky Schreiber, 'American coach and weight loss expert, who assures that if you bet on oral hygiene as soon as you eat your last portion of food, it is very likely that your hunger will disappear or at least you will be lazy to put something back in your mouth after leaving it clean.

Make food look bigger

Hunger often has a psychological component. If you suddenly see a full plate and finish it, you will feel more satiated than if you simply see four branches of lettuce and a tiny chicken fillet. Spread the food all over the plate to fool the eye (and the stomach). All in order to fool your own mind that you are actually eating much more than you should or what you seem.

Take breaks when eating

This does not mean that between bites you respond to an e-mail or play a solitaire with your mobile, but it is very useful to make small stops as we eat the food on the plate to make the stomach feel that it fills up little by little. Like slowing down the pace of food as much as possible, this advice is very useful to lose weight, since if you eat slowly, you will fool your stomach Making you believe that you have eaten too much when in fact the amount of time is not at odds with the number of servings.

Change diet

On many occasions, going on a weight loss diet means saying goodbye to our favorite dishes that we love because they are 'the sea' of tasty. If you love burgers, Instead of buying meat, you could go for vegetarians, which are more calorie-free. If you love sugar-rich sweets, you can exchange them for several pieces of fruit, that also taste very sweet. In general, it is about knowing how to modify the foods that we like for others that, despite not being the same, can remind us of them or adopt the same form.

No junk food

For nothing in the world. Many diets allow one day a week off to indulge in the divine joys of processed or carbohydrate-laden foods. In that case, okay, but for nothing in the world do you go back to this type of foodBecause if you do not run the risk that all the effort made will go 'to hell' and when you want to go back it will be too late.

Know your motivations

As we said at the beginning, meeting your 'fitness' goals depends to a greater extent on the willpower you use as well as your attitude. If you have considered losing weight it will not only be because you want to see yourself better in front of the mirror, but also because in the long run you will begin to notice that your body is more physically resistant and fitter. Usually, when we want to achieve something it is because there is a motivation behind it. Know your own and, when you feel like throwing in the towel, remember why you started the challenge and what you wanted so much to get in return before making the changes to your lifestyle.