The best tips to keep your teeth white with homemade methods

In times of pandemic, one of the most risky trades to exercise due to the risk of contagion and all that it involves is undoubtedly that of dentists. Currently, they only attend urgently, so one of the issues to keep in mind during this quarantine is the health of our teeth so we don't have to go to the clinic.

If your dental problems are only due to an aesthetic issue, such as the one that concerns us this time, you may be interested in reading what comes next. Calcium is responsible for keeping your enamel healthy and strong, since naturally this element appears with a whitish color, hence the appearance of clean and healthy teeth is always white. So when the enamel wears down or is damaged, your teeth may end up looking a little yellow. However, unlike a broken tooth or worse oral conditions, it has a solution.

Choose the product with which you are going to brush well, since many contain silica, a material that produces a progressive loss of enamel

"Dentin is the material that lies under the enamel and it is usually yellow, "he explains. Zachary E. Linhart, professional dentist, in 'Business Insider'. "Dentin exposure is sometimes to blame for our teeth looking yellow." Obviously, the excess consumption of certain foods and products makes the dentin degradation process accelerate. Above all, those drinks with a lot of acid like coffee, or also soft drinks, with a high concentration of sugar.

Black tea and wine are also particularly harmful, since they not only contain a certain level of acids, but also tannins, chemical components that are also responsible for tooth discoloration. Not to mention substances like tobacco, which will not only cause your teeth to look very ugly over time, but also cause your overall health to degenerate at great rates.

What can you do to make your teeth look as white as before?in resort to cosmetic surgery or trusting too much in the promises of certain dentifrices? One thing is clear: brush your teeth well on a daily basis to remove dirt particles and bacteria. If you can have a dental cleaning every six months, much better. But if you are looking for a more progressive solution to ensure that they do not deteriorate as much over time, 'Business Insider' has released a series of tips through Dr. Linhart that we will see below.

First of all, choose the product with which you are going to brush your teeth, since the dentist warns that many contain silica, a material that produces abrasion and a progressive loss of enamel. Therefore, it is best to opt for homemade and traditional formulas. Sometimes certain problems that seem serious have a very simple solution, all you need is patience and enough confidence.

Get more calcium

The most reasonable thing is that if the calcium layer that made your teeth white has worn out, all you have to do is ingest more of this chemical element. How? Very simple, through foods that have large concentrations of it, like milk or dairy products like cheese or yogurt. This series of products will strengthen enamel and reduce its progressive erosion, Linhart says.

Drink more water

Similarly, drink more water, since one of its components is fluoride, which helps keep enamel strong. On the other hand, try to restrict as much as possible the consumption of coffee, tea, sugary drinks or wine, and replace it with water. Replace this series of liquids with the H20 It will help you prevent wear not only of the enamel, but of the tooth itself.

In addition, you will have to brush your teeth more thoroughly. Nothing of a few seconds. Try to remove the brush in a circular way over the entire surface of the tooth to make sure that you reach all the areas where food or bacteria residues can lodge. The doctor Linhart advises spending an average of two minutes spent on this process. Remember, after each meal, brush your teeth well.