The best time of day to have a glass of milk

Humans We are practically the only ones we follow drinking milk in our adulthood. You've probably heard this phrase more than once in someone, more if it is beverage detractor. And it is very true, because opinions are as varied as there are brands in the market: some say it is essential because provides much needed calcium to the bones, while others indicate that it produces many intolerances and, in some occasions, even allergies.

Children are generally advised to consume milk during their first years, at least once or twice a day. If you are a fan of white drink you'll be glad to know what it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and D, in addition to magnesium, potassium, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A single cup also contains 21% of the daily value of calcium. Now, when is the best time to take it?

At breakfast

The truth is that it is one of the most common moments to drink this precious white liquid, since many people decide to drink it with coffee or alone. As we have said that it provides vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., so it is a great option to start the day. If you drink a glass before leaving home, in addition, you will better absorb vitamin D from your sun exposure and you will strengthen bones and teeth. The contribution of vitamin A will also help your eyes protect themselves from light and radiation (this is especially beneficial if you spend many hours looking at a screen).

After exercise

It is also a good idea because it increases muscle strength. As explained in 'Medical Daily', it serves to accelerate the metabolism by giving a feeling of satiety once consumed. This leads to weight loss because it has low calories but is full of a lot of nutrients. However, you may have to monitor the amount of intake since (as in everything), if you consume large amounts you could end up gaining weight.

At night, milk acts as a sedative and helps you sleep better. During the day it is good to absorb vitamin D from the sun

It is said that milk stimulates muscle growth and regulates body mass after exercising. One study followed ten women who performed strength training five days a week for three months. They drank nonfat milk after their workouts and gained muscle mass while reducing body fat, especially compared to people who did not ingest this drink after their workouts.

At lunch or dinner

You are probably not very used to drink milk in the food, but the truth is that it is beneficial to take away the desire to eat sweet (and obviously it has fewer calories than other desserts), but if you really want to sleep well, yours would be to attack at night. As the doctor explains Dhanvantri Tyagi In an article published in 'NDTV': "The common assumption that milk should be consumed in the morning is wrong, children over the age of five should stop drinking it." He explained that if you drank it during the first hours of the day caused heaviness, lethargy and acidity, and that the ideal moment was night.

This is mainly because milk acts as a sedative and serotonin content Calm the mind and relax so you can sleep well. Calcium absorption occurs more at night, since the body does not perform any activity and helps those who try to develop body mass. In addition, it is said that the digestive properties of milk work late at night.

Therefore, depending on what you intend to encourage, the decision lies with you. There is no ideal time for The digestion, the key is to buy quality milk and keep it cold so you don't lose your properties.