The best techniques to thaw the chicken fast and well

You fancy eat chicken, and, as we live in a modern world in which all the amenities are within our reach, we just have to go down to the supermarket or the poultry shop and get some breasts. However, imagine that the next day you have to make a trip of several days and you will not be able to cook them. The normal thing, then, is to leave them in the freezer so they do not spoil, but what if they change all the improvised plans and you find that you have to cook something the next day? Is condemned your food because you're not sure how defrost the chicken the correct way?

No, of course, that's why you're reading this, because you still have a bit of hope and you think you can solve things. Meredith Carothers, chef of 'HelloFresh', has provided information on 'Eat this, not that' about the way you can defrost this food safely to not get sick. Thus, you can make a 100% safe recipe so that all the diners can suck your fingers.

Method 1. In the refrigerator

Of all the methods that we are going to see, this is the safest but, nevertheless, it takes more time. Because of that, you must plan well in advance when you're going to thaw it so you have enough time to do it correctly.

The refrigerator is the best option, but if you are in a hurry and you do it with water or a microwave, remember to cook it at the moment

If you have at least 12 hours to complete the process, Carothers suggests that you choose this one. Does not expose the meat at warmer temperatures and also requires less attention. You only have to take the chicken out of the freezer with, approximately, two days in advance before cooking it.

Method 2. With cold water

Okay, you've put your time on and you're in a critical moment. This is a method without doubt fast and effective, its only drawback is that the chicken must be well "closed", in a compact way that does not allow leaks, in a plastic bag.

Otherwise they could be entered in the food bacteria from the environment or in the airAnd we do not want that. Also the tissue of the flesh It can absorb water and the result would not look very good. You must change the water every 30 minutes so that it continues to defrost properly.

Method 3. In the microwave

Without a doubt it is the most Quick. Come on, the guests are going up the elevator and you do not know what to tell them. Microwave it has a setting to defrost, but there is something you have to keep in mind (whether you choose this or the cold water method): once the defrosts have to cook them immediately. If you put it back in the refrigerator for some vicissitude of destiny You could cause some harmful bacteria to grow in the flesh.

And leave it on the counter?

Definitely not. It is not a safe way, perishable foods they should never be thawed at the counter because although the package and the plastic appear frozen, the outside of the food It's something else. If you leave it on the kitchen table the bacteria They can multiply rapidly and can produce toxins that are not destroyed by cooking.

Can you cook it frozen?

Yes. But, as Meredith explains, it requires a longer cooking time. The recipes that require slow cooking and not skipping or frying are the ones that are best for you, as this method will prevent the chicken from getting too crispy. Now, get down to work, it's time to start cooking. Or a defrost.