The best supermarket infusions (with ginko biloba, horsetail and artichoke) that will help you lose fluids, lose weight and reduce centimeters

No miracle diets or strange ideas: if you have started a process of weightloss We hope you are advised by an expert. If this is not the case (that of the diet) and you have spent several weeks dedicating yourself to the contemplative and languid life of a nineteenth-century lady and proclaiming yourself the undisputed queen of afterwork wines (with the panchitos, olives and potatoes that this entails), keep reading. Make no mistake: it’s not about compensating for excesses -we know that doesn’t make sense- but about helping your body drain fluids to feel lighter. There are specific infusions for it like horsetail or fennel tea.

However, there are combinations that we can find in the supermarket that have nothing to envy to herbalists. We have done a sweep through those that are sure to be close to home to find the best-selling draining infusions. You can always make them naturally at home, but we know that life happens and sometimes you have to resort to ready-made tea bags to be able to invest time in other matters. Horsetail and artichoke are the magic words of these formulations that will help you reshape your figure in no time.

The most effective draining infusions

Infusion Figure of Mercadona, (1 euro). InfuDren for sale in Carrefour, (2.25 euros). Draining infusion for sale at Lidl, (0.99 euros). / DR

One of the most recommended in all homes is the draining infusion of Lidl: with nettle, horsetail, juniper, blackcurrant, artichoke and aloe vera, it is a cocktail of draining plants that will contribute to the fluid retention. But not only that: black currant helps regulate intestinal transit, aloe vera helps lower blood sugar levels and artichoke promotes digestive function.

In second place is the infusion Figure of Mercadonawhich contains green tea to promote fat burning action, horse tail, senna, mate and artichoke for a draining action. An ingredient out of 10 that is not always used and that works like a charm to deflate the figure is Ginko Biloba, one of the oldest living tree species in China. Its leaves are full of properties: its leaves are antioxidants, improve blood circulation, relieve inflammation of the bladder and improve anxiety, so if you find yourself following a somewhat restrictive diet, it will help keep mood swings at bay that this can produce. It is present in the InfuDren infusion for sale in Carrefour and that contains, in addition to these medicinal leaves, horsetail, orange and lemongrass to enhance its draining action.

How often should we perform a detox therapy?


The pharmacist Rocío Escalanteexpert in dermopharmacy and owner of Arbosana Farmacia and Rocío Escalante Beauty (located in Paseo de la Habana, Madrid) recommends carry out a detox cycle at certain times of the year to help our body after times of specific excesses. As he explains, “Our body is prepared to work correctly in optimal conditions. By optimal we speak of a healthy diet, minimal alcohol intake, no drug use and good habits. Today this ideal situation is a utopia, “says the expert.

Therefore, there is no need to be shy about looking for allies when the stages of eating out and various parties come to an end. «The liver filters almost 1.4 liters of blood every minute, neutralizes toxic substances and converts them into different metabolites that will be excreted. When these excesses are committed, our body sees its detoxification capacity limited, which causes an accumulation of toxins in our body due to the slowing down of metabolism”, explains Rocío Escalante.

“For this reason -he continues-, at certain times of the year and taking into account different personal and individual situations, we will recommend a detox cycle to recover the natural function of our body with the aim of metabolizing correctly and efficiently,” he concludes. The daily infusions They help with this goal, but there are solutions that can be dissolved in water (such as XtraSlim Max by Forté Pharma or Blanc Supplements Body Treats Step 1) that you can start with if you want to do some shock therapy after a while. hitting the bars.

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