The best-selling fan on Amazon is this silent and low-consumption model with almost 8,000 reviews that is reduced to less than 25 euros (and other free tricks to keep your house always cool)

The hot spring has arrived and the high temperatures have brought forward a summer that is expected to be torrid. Beyond lifelong ‘tricks’, resorting to technology to get our house is cool and the atmosphere is pleasant is essential in the warmer months. And to achieve it in a simple and cheap way, without works, without waiting for the thermometer to rise even higher and without large outlays, we have found the perfect fan on amazon.

Orbegozo’s SF 0147 model (which you can now buy on amazon reduced to 24.90 euros) is the best seller because it allows you to select the angle from which the ventilation arrives. In addition, it has adjustable height and it is possible to leave it in a fixed position or make it oscillate to remove the air in a very simple way, as well as regulating its 50W of power, adapting it to the needs of each moment and thus guaranteeing a low power consumption (which you will appreciate when the electricity bill arrives).

With more than 7,500 reviews and four stars on Amazon (60% of users give it the highest score), this floor fan is the best seller because it is silent (perfect to sleep cool without disturbing noises), light, easy to carry and no installation needed, so you can take it to the part of the house you want whenever you want. In addition, its compact size adapts perfectly to small and medium-sized rooms and its design with three blades optimizes airflow, being able to move more with less revolutions (and a lower consumption).

Lastly, your discreet minimalist design (available in white or black) makes it fit perfectly in any room, whatever the decorative style of your home.

Five tricks to keep your house fresh without spending a lot

one. Buy on Amazon an efficient and silent fan like this one that we have told you about.

2. In decoration, go for plants, light colors and natural materials that provide freshness (such as natural fibers, organic linen and cotton, wicker, jute…).

3. ventilate the house at the coolest hours of the day: at nightfall and at dawn.

Four. create streams of air to ensure that the house is well ventilated.

5. Keep the dark rooms in the central hours of the day, when it is hotter outside.

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