The best scissors to prune branches and plants in your garden like a professional

Pruning shears are essential gardening tools for the care of plants, trees and plants in any garden. The pruning shears recommended in our review will help you cut, prune and perform maintenance easily. They are composed of a pack of two small Mannesmann pruners with one hand, with a non-slip handle and safety lock for when we store it in our tool box.

The best, our choice: MANNESMANN pruning shears set

At the head of the pruning shears comparison we place the best pruning shears of the Mannesmann brand for Amazon users. More than 100 opinions with an average of 4 stars out of 5 valuation. T. García highlights that "the scissors are of excellent quality and they prune great". For his part, David M. considers important “the facility to cut small branches of the garden. Great value for the price".

This practical scissors set consists of 2 clippers with non-slip handle, has a safety lock simple and allows easy pruning of flowers and small plants.

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Second option: BELLOTA 3628INOX-CE MB harvesting scissors

This is a good choice and is presented as the best acorn pruning scissors of the brand Acorn with a 66% of 5 star ratings in more than 80 reviews. Jose Martínez stresses "how light it is and how comfortable it is to collect the fruits of the garden". On the other hand, Herminia García comments that “it weighs little and is easy to use. Just what i was looking for".

This pruning shears has stainless steel sheets and helps prevent pests and their spread. Its non-slip handle provides security and comfort. Its bypass cut allows clean pruning.

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Alternative: GRÜNTEK GRIZZLY hedge trimmer and pruning shears 470 mm

Make the activity of trimming hedges easier with the best pruning shears from the Grüntek brand. An average of 4.5 stars of average note by more than 50 users endorse it. One of them is the assessment of Javier Pérez who says that “he cuts green and dry branches indiscriminately with great precision. A highly recommended two-hand pruning shear ”.

This hedge trimmer has an approximate weight of 700 gr and one steel sheet superior powerful. Its mechanism double gear It is highly useful for making pruning cuts with minimal effort. A professional pruning shears suitable for hedges, shrubs and dry branches.

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How to choose a pruning shear and what to consider before buying one?

There are different types of scissors pruning and all of them will allow you to fix, to a greater or lesser extent, the plants, trees and shrubbery from your garden with little effort. Even cheap pruning shears do their job though if you're thinking of doing cuts With thick branches or strong plants you may need the best pruning shears on the market. If you are thinking of buying a pruning shear, at least you should have some features basic:

Work according to the type of plant

To perform maintenance on ornamental plants on our terrace or garden we can use any of the manual pruning shears smallest on the market. In case of carrying out specific work such as cutting tree branches, the height, for example, we will need telescopic pruning shears.

Cutting blade type

The sheet must be non-stick to cause a clean cut and without remains. In this way, we will prevent the branches from chipping or being poorly cut, with the consequent danger to the health of the plant.


For a scissors pruning can be able to cut correctly all the branches or stems that are in front of it is essential that it is accurate. The best pruning shears have a central bolt which facilitates an exact and clean cut.


The best brands of pruning shears look for each new model that is more ergonomic than the previous one. This is so that users can cut and maintain our garden with minimum effort and in a comfortable and safe way. Therefore, it is essential that you have a ergonomic handle and anti-slip as well as a one-hand safety lock.

What is a pruning shear?

A pruning shear or pruning shear is a cutting tool It is used for pruning trees, hedges or ornamental plants. Unlike conventional scissors, pruning shears have shorter, stronger blades to cut stems and branches easily and quickly. Depending on the offer of pruning shears you can find it with one or two blades.

What are a pruning shear for and how does it work?

Pruning shears allow us to perform maintenance cuts of any type of branch or plant of garden, orchard or terrace. By making these cuts we can prevent diseases, perform grafts or promote better flowering and obtaining fruits.

The mechanism of functioning Pruning shears are easy. We only have to place the branch or trunk in between the blade and the scissors counter blade and press hard to make a precise cut.

Types of pruning shears

Pruning shears can be classified into different groups according to size, the type of plant being worked or the cutting method, among others. Some of the most common types of pruning shears are:

  • One-hand pruning shears: these types of scissors are the most common and used in home gardening. With the one-hand pruning shears you can easily clean flowers, extract fruits from the garden or prune small branches of hedges and shrubs.
  • Bypass scissors: This cutting method is ideal for green woods and its mechanism consists of a blade and a fixed part. In bypass type pruning shears, the blade crosses and performs the clean cut, without destroying the branch.
  • Anvil scissors: in this case, the blade collides with a fixed part, without crossing. Anvil Pruning Shears are ideal for harder woods and cutting dead wood. A good anvil-type scissors prevents the spread of pests that can cause unhealthy branches.
  • Two-hand pruning shears: very useful for cutting thicker branch trunks with little effort. Ideal for cleaning and maintaining hedges or shrubs in the garden. They are usually long, light so as not to load the arms and their cut is very precise.
  • Hedge trimmer scissors: unlike traditional pruning shears, hedge trimmers are characterized by having elongated and thinner cutting blades. They serve to shape to hedges and bushes quite accurately and allow you to make your garden a more decent and pretty place. In addition, they help us keep hedges free of dry leaves, which makes their appearance ugly.
  • Flower scissors: To achieve proper maintenance of the flowers in our garden or terrace we need specific scissors. Among the main characteristics of a good scissor to cut flowers, a non-slip handle to favor the grip, a light weight to work effortlessly and a pair of sheets with non-stick coating to avoid imprecise cuts.
  • Telescopic pole scissors: This type of branch cutter is highly useful for cutting tall branches in trees or tall hedges. Unlike the previous ones, they have extendable handles to reach greater heights and adjustment systems to favor work at height.

Why is it important to choose a pruning shear according to the work to be done?

The reason why there are so many types of pruning shears is none other than specialization depending on the work we are going to do. It is extremely important that we choose a type of scissor in every situation since a bad use of it can spoil that plant, shrub or hedge that we like so much.

For this, there are sizes different and blades for each type of cut we want to make. The quality of the blades, their size and even their shape They can be determining factors to correctly perform the maintenance of our garden. Each pruning shear has its own characteristics and designs that make it more effective depending on the situation. Remember this when you consider adding a new pruning shear to your toolbox.

General technique in pruning shears

Before carrying out any cutting task with pruning shears, we must place some special pruning gloves, which usually offer excellent sensitivity and are quite padded to protect our hands.

In order to carry out a clean cut and avoid damage to the plant, leaves they must be fine sharp since we want the branch to suffer as little as possible and avoid a tear that could harm the health of the plant.

Making a bad cut hinders healing and weakens the plant against infections by bacteria or fungi

Regarding the usual cutting technique with pruning shears, we must place the non-stick sheet above the branch with a cut angle as straight as possible and the fixed part of the scissors below the branch.

What maintenance should a pruning shear have?

To achieve optimal maintenance of our pruning shears we must take into account two essential aspects: sharp and lubricated.

  • Sharp: In order for the pruning shears to cut like the first day, we must sharpen them when we see that they begin to lose effectiveness in the cut.
  • Lubricated: In order for the scissor set to be as comfortable as possible for our hands, the scissor blades and mechanism must be perfectly lubricated. Thus, we will avoid overexertion that, sometimes, could cause injuries to the hand and even the breakage of the scissors.

In addition to taking into account that it is necessary to sharpen and lubricate the pruning shears, it is worth remembering that must not be used to cut other types of materials as wires since the blade can be damaged and cause the scissors to be useless.

How to get a perfect cut with pruning shears?

To achieve that the pruning shears fulfill their objective and cleanly cut branches, stems and small trunks it will be necessary that both the blade and the cutting mechanism are perfectly cared for. For sharpen blade You can use sandpaper or a special sharpener for pruning shears. As for the lubrication of the scissors, there are special lubricants for scissors pruning.

Classification of manual pruning shears according to their blades

In addition to classifying pruning shears by type of cut or size, it is also possible to make a classification based on the blades they ride. In this case, we can talk about 3 types of blades:

  • Parrot beak scissors: one of the leaves is concave and the other convex. They are widely used by amateur and professional gardeners to cut branches and flowers.
  • Bypass scissors: the blades facilitate cutting and reduce the force to be carried out when cutting. It is used for cutting flower and fine stem plants effectively and easily.
  • Anvil scissors: the anvil blades are used to cut thick branches that the previous ones are not able to cover. A basic gardening tool for working with trees as it allows cutting of hard, thick and dead branches.

Classification of manual pruning shears according to their handle

There is an alternative form of classification to the previous ones, in this case according to the handle where we grab the pruning shears. Thus, there are three types:

  • Left-handed scissors: These scissors are optimized so that left-handed people can make clean and proper cuts. If a left-hander uses right-handed scissors, in addition to being uncomfortable for him, it will cause problems for the plant since the cut will not be correct.
  • Elongated handle scissors: a professional gardening tool that every gardener needs in his box. When the branches are high, the long-handled scissors allow you to reach them effortlessly.
  • Two-handed scissors: sometimes we will need both hands to make the most precise cuts during the pruning season. They are usually used for jobs that require more force and can be telescopic or fixed, and some models come with a rotating handle.

Pruning types

The pruning of plants, bushes, hedges or trees can be carried out for different reasons. Sometimes we will try to clean the plant to clean it and in other cases we will look for the branches to grow where we want. In addition, we can carry out maintenance or renovation pruning, depending on the time of year. Therefore, we can speak of four types of pruning:

  • Cleaning pruning: This type of pruning consists of removing broken and dry branches on trees. This method of pruning is necessary to prevent branches from falling and causing injury or damage on public roads or in the garden. It is also known as sanitation pruning.
  • Training pruning: the objective of this type of pruning is to promote the formation of a strong trunk and resistant branches. A young tree with proper pruning will not need as many treatments as an adult.
  • Maintenance pruning: one of the most common tasks in professional gardening. It consists of eliminating broken or dead branches, sprouts at the base of the trunk or the mythical suckers.
  • Renovation pruning: This way of pruning is done on trees and plants that have been abandoned to their fate and have grown without proper pruning and maintenance. In this case, the dry branches are treated and the oldest ones are removed and with clear signs of weakness.

When to prune garden plants?

Not all plants require the same care, nor is the pruning date the same. Therefore, we can divide by pruning fruit trees, trees and shrubs or perennials:

Fruit trees

Trees that bear fruit are often pruned during their periods of inactivity. In this way, the plant will be stronger when the fruit begins to sprout. Failure to prune the fruit trees will weaken them and are more exposed to possible pests.

Tree and shrub pruning

exist two epochs for pruning trees and shrubs depending on when they flower. Most commonly, flowering trees and shrubs in summer or fall are pruned between late winter and early spring. In contrast, if flowering occurs in spring, maintenance is performed to remove decayed flowers.

Perennial plants

In order to enjoy a leafy, clean and full of life garden, it is essential to prune the plants and hedges that make it up with a prune regularly. Carrying out the correct maintenance of the plants will help improve the appearance of the garden and will test your knowledge of gardening.

How is a vineyard pruned?

The pruning of the vines is done to limit vine growth and increase the quality and concentration of the grape. Is pruning is usually done during the winter and basically you have to prune the arms or branches of the plants, which must be properly pruned to get the most out of the grapes. Later, during the spring, a new pruning is carried out to cut the growth of those shoots that may affect the quality of the grape.

What are the most sought after scissors on the market?

The best pruning shears on the market such as Grüntek, Mannesmann, Gardena, Hyindoor have excellent features necessary to perform the best possible pruning of your garden plants effortlessly.

We hope that this article has served to clarify the doubts you may have about the pruning shears as well as what is the best pruning shears.