The best restaurants with a Michelin star that you can order at home to eat luxuriously at home (and cheaper than you imagine)

We want to celebrate, to eat well without having to spend hours in the kitchen, to enjoy delicious dishes from the best chefs in Spain. However, current circumstances mean that many people are not calm eating or dining outside the home and the most select kitchens have put to work to create menus at home that leave us with the same good taste in our mouths that if we enjoy your gourmet experiences in the dining room. We review the best luxury restaurants (even with a Michelin Star) that have home delivery service in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Malaga …

GoXo by Dabiz Muñoz

Dabiz Muñoz is always the first of the class, and during the confinement the one who for many is the best (and most controversial) chef in Spain launched into delivery with the GoXo, your daring food delivery proposal in Madrid and Barcelona who has driven the most exquisite customers crazy with his imaginative homemade food and his illustrated ‘goxismo’, a festival of unique flavors and a staging at home almost as attractive as the one that Cristina Pedroche’s husband offers in his restaurants (a ratio of 365 euros per person). Our favorites? The Mumbay lasagna, the rib tacos and the Hong Kong-Madrid stew. Also, of course, the famous Pedroche cheesecake. Orders can be made through the Glovo app.

The Great Mediterranean Family, by Dani García

Dani García collects Michelin Stars and hits. In the last gala, the chef got two new recognitions for his newly released Smoked Room (he opened it only six months ago) and since he launched the delivery service of La Gran Familia Mediterránea, everyone who has tried their food delivery dishes, has repeated. Their cheek baos, their croquettes, their salad or their oxtail briches are a delight, and their prices, the most accessible if we think that we are taking in the tranquility of our living room the creations of one of the best chefs in our room. country. You can order through Just Eat and Glovo with delivery in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia, Malaga and Marbella.

Cuatromanos, by Paco Roncero and Ramón Freixa

«Cuatromanos is @pacoroncero and @ramonfreixa. Two chefs, four stars, a lot of heart and a great friendship that motivates and is the connecting link for the entire team that cooks in your homes every day ». With this publication on Instagram, the two prestigious chefs celebrated their new successes in the delivery of the new Michelin Stars. Your joint project, Cuatromanos, offers its best recipes created as a duo to enjoy at home with the delivery service from Uber Eats and for Christmas, a special menu In which exquisite dishes such as the painted thigh stuffed with foie (23.50 euros) or the free-range chicken stewed with lobster (24.50 euros) stand out.

Coquettogo, by the Sandoval brothers

The Sandoval brothers’ delivery project (two Michelin stars in the Coque restaurant) is one of the most successful in Madrid since last spring, when the famous chefs decided that lovers of their recipes based on sustainable luxury and product as the protagonist they were also going to be able to enjoy them at home. Orders are made through Glovo or its website. and yes, their famous lacquered suckling pig is also available.

MX, by Roberto Ruiz

The first Mexican restaurant in Europe to win a Michelin star It has not been left out of the fever of the ‘delivery gourmet’. Captained by Roberto Ruiz, MX offers the exquisite Mexican food of Punto MX at home, a proposal that goes far beyond the traditional tacos and that delves into the gastronomic tradition of the Aztec country with large doses of avant-garde and a lot of spice (if you want, of course). Orders can be made by phone, whatsapp or through Deliveroo.

Verdelivery, by Rodrigo de la Calle

Rodrigo de la Calle revolutionized the most sophisticated kitchen with his ‘green’ proposal at El Invernadero (a Michelin Star) and now, the ‘vegetable tamer’, as he calls himself, has proposed to enter our homes with his haute cuisine healthy through Verdelibery, available for home delivery in Madrid and Barcelona through Glovo with its symphony of ‘green’ flavors and its exquisite rice dishes.

In addition, although they do not have a Michelin star (nor do they need to) classic luxury restaurants such as Viridiana, by Abraham García; Horcher, Lhardy or Rocacho and their incredible meats from El Capricho (considered the best in the world) also have home delivery available in Madrid.