The best parties in San Juan to enjoy and celebrate the most special night of the year

The (unofficial) summer kick-off is just around the corner, with the Night of San Juan as the main course. Thanks to the weather we have already been able to enjoy our favorite terraces, but before fully immersing ourselves in our favorite season of the year, it is necessary to join the tradition and celebrate its arrival with fire, music and gastronomy. That’s why we bring you the best parties of San Juan that are ideal to enjoy and celebrate the most special night of the year.

This appointment is inevitably linked to the coast and places with beaches, which on the night of June 23 become magical places in which to meet with friends and family to enjoy an unforgettable evening. But not only, because in Madrid we can also celebrate the Night of San Juan with fire, music and good gastronomy. Prepare the agenda because we started.

The terrace of La Plage Casanis on Playa Real de Zaragoza in Marbella. / La Plage Casanis

In Casanis beach in Marbella They have prepared an unforgettable party for a unique night. Its Beach Club and Restaurant is located on the Playa Real de Zaragoza and is a space that has everything we can dream of for a celebration like this. In the beach area, in front of the hammocks, the bonfire typical of this evening will be set up, surrounded by the logo of La Plage Casanis, which will burn after midnight.

This dinner & party will feature Ibán Mendoza as DJ, who will take over after the bonfires of the resident DJ with whom the party will start at 8pm. In the perimeter of the hammocks of La Plage Casanis, in addition, a platform has been arranged where performances by cold fire jugglers will take place, which will add light and emotion to the party.

As for the kitchen, led by Fabian Cangas, he offers us a menu that adapts to all palates, from light dishes to the best seafood. How could it be otherwise? fresh fish are the main protagonists, but we can’t forget about their sought-after Vietnamese nems or the cuts of meat that are treated with special care and shown to the customer before being grilled. Andalusian references are also present with dishes such as espetos or garlic prawns.

Grilled turbot with chanterelle pilpil, the star dish of the Night of San Juan at Santo Mauro. / SAINT MAURUS

In Madrid, this very special and very our festival is also celebrated, and one of the essential appointments will be that of the Hotel Santo Mauro. Its beautiful private garden will be transformed for the occasion and will have its own bonfire, in which attendees can ask and burn their wishes, as is typical of this date. The evening in this beautiful mansion will feature live music and a special menu designed by Rafa Peña, the chef of the La Biblioteca Gresca restaurant.

Cooked on the grill, the menu of San Juan del Santo Mauro consists of nine dishes, with grilled oysters with champagne vinaigrette, ajoblanco with lobster and grilled vegetable tartare or grilled turbot with chanterelle pilpil, among others. In the desserts, the San Juan pear ice cream a la llama with chantilly and the chocolate cake with smoked milk ice cream are the previous step to the traditional coca of San Juan. To accompany, from the winery they bet on cava, Ribeiro or Ribera del Duero as perfect party companions.

The spectacular terrace of La Milla, which can be found in one of the most visited areas of Marbella. / The mile

We return to Marbella to talk about another of the festivals linked to the night of San Juan, La Milla, which invites us to a gastronomic journey along the Andalusian coast, with smoke, embers, fish and shellfish as protagonists. The beach bar on La Milla de Oro in the town of Malaga will thus kick off its dinner service, extending its weekly hours.

Its luxurious beach beds, which allow us extend the afternoon until nightfall enjoying unbeatable views, are the ideal place to enjoy their old school cocktails. In its menu, fresh produce is the main protagonist and its commitment to modern cuisine breaks with the stereotypes of beach bars thanks, among others, to the more than 900 national and international references in its cellar.

With César Morales and Luis Miguel Menor at the helm of the kitchen, La Milla Marbella proposes a menu in which we find its great classics, such as the king prawns with our pil-pil, the skewered sardines or the red tuna salad with piparra emulsion. Raw dishes, fried foods, rice dishes and grilled meats complement a menu that is committed to an authentic Mediterranean feast.

Image of one of the parties in Playa Padre. / father beach

NIDO Estepona and Playa Padre have organized a very special event where good gastronomy and live music by the hand of artists such as Juan Habichuela Nieto, heir to one of the most important and long-lasting sagas of flamenco music in Spain, and Monolink, a benchmark in electronics.

The first will be in charge of Liven up the evening at NIDO Estepona, displaying his talent with a unique and exclusive recital, perfect to accompany an evening full of magic. With a decoration full of meaning and an a la carte dinner, the party will begin at 8:00 p.m.

At Playa Padre, located on Playa del Cable, the German artist Monolink will be responsible for ensuring that attendees enjoy an unforgettable night at this exclusive beach club. The palm trees of him, its white sand and crystal clear waters They make up the perfect tropical landscape to celebrate a party that will not lack its corresponding bonfire and the desire to make this night something unforgettable.