The best natural remedy to combat constipation, experts say

Most people suffers from constipation once or several times in his life. More than an illness, it could be considered a condition based on the relationship of each person with his bowel habit.

Due to the wide range of normal bowel habits, It is a little complex to define exactly what this condition is about, and, more specifically, when you suffer.

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  • You have only three or fewer bowel movements in a week
  • Stools become hard, dry and / or small
  • The evacuation is painful and / or difficult
  • The feeling of incomplete evacuation remains

Constipation is a disease that can be caused by several factors, but it occurs more often in people with a bowel movement not entirely effective: waste or feces move too slowly through the digestive tract or can not be effectively removed from the rectum. There are other causes, related to more complex conditions.

Faced with the variety of symptoms, there is an equally wide variety of remedies. Among them, the Brazilian nutritionist Jéssica Ribeiro highlights a powerful plum tea.

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  • Preparation

To prepare this infusion, you should only boil 200 grams of dried plums with your bones, in two glasses of water.

  • Important

Drink the plum tea before going to sleep. This will allow it to take effect during your rest. So, the next day you will feel its benefits.

  • Recommendation

It can be taken a couple of times a week and in a short time get the necessary results.

Deal frequently with the symptoms of constipation can change our mood, routine and plans, so that, despite being a treatable condition and not immediately dangerous, the quality of our lives worsens.

Do you know of any other effective remedy? Tell us in the comments.

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