The best mite air purifiers for allergic people

The air that we breathe in home It's loaded with powder, pollen, Mites and a multitude of bacteria and microorganisms harmful for the Health. Many of them, together with tobacco smoke and pollution in general, also favor the appearance of bad smells and respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies of all kinds. Therefore, have a environmental debugger effective and quiet at home or in the office such as the Rowenta Intense Pure Air, which is considered as the best air purifier according to the opinions of Amazon users, it seems fundamental. Only then is it possible to enjoy fresh air and free of harmful substances in the domestic sphere.

The best, our choice: Rowenta air purifier

The best air purifier brand Rowenta according to the opinions of Amazon users. Your assessment, of 4.2 out of 5 with a 60% of 5 star ratings, leaves no doubt. "An air purifier with night mode and very silent. Excellent purchase. "Says Nicola, while José Mascaró says it is" the best air purifier for people with allergy problems and pet dander. Its activated carbon filter also effectively eliminates odors. "

We are going to analyze the characteristics of this air cleaner of Rowenta. In particular, it has four levels of filtration and is Really silent. In fact, it emits only 52 dB working at full power and 28 dB in night mode. It also has timer, filter change indicators and contamination sensors. Is thinking to improve air quality in enclosed spaces of up to 60 m2.

Second option: Mini air purifier Pro breeze

Taking into account Amazon user reviews, this is the best Pro Breeze brand air purifier. For example, Klaudija Ziliute says it is "a portable air purifier with excellent value for money", while Pilar says it is a "cheap and effective air cleaner that barely makes noise". Your average mark in this marketplace is 4.3 out of 5 and has a 65% of 5 star ratings.

This is a purifying ionizer with Pro Breeze HEPA filter designed to be placed in the bedroom or in the office. In fact, due to its small size, it should be considered as a portable air purifying device. It has a night light which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere in rooms of children and babies. It also filters and deodorizes tobacco smoke quickly.

Alternative: Intey air purifier

After analyzing hundreds of opinions on air purifiers provided by Amazon customers, we have come to the conclusion that this is the best air purifier of the Intey brand. Your average score, of 4.7 out of 5 with a 90% of 5-star ratings, makes us see that it is a very interesting option and a great alternative to the two previous models. This has also seemed to Roberto, which indicates that it is "a very silent ultraviolet radiation purifier with a HEPA filter for allergic people". For his part, José Antonio Cano states that "my father suffers a strong allergy to pollen" and that "with this air purifier for allergic people it feels much better".

To conclude this comparison of air purifiers, we will analyze the performance of this model of Intey. Count with one HEPA filter and with another of active carbon able to filter up to 99.97% of the particles. It is designed for stays up to 20 m2 and is capable of debugging 140 m3 of air per hour. Dispose of 5 speeds of operation and, in sleep mode, it emits only 25 dB. It also employs a system that combines ultraviolet radiation to kill mites, bacteria and other microorganisms present in the environment and emission of negative ions.

What is an air purifier and what is it used for?

An apparatus to purify the air is a device that, through the use of ultraviolet radiation, ozone, HEPA filters or negative ions, is responsible for eliminating the polluting agents present in the home interior, from the office or from any other place. These toxic substances they tend to sneak in doors and windows that they give to the outside. We talk, for example, about Mites, of the carcinogenic components of tobacco smoke or of those present in car emissions.

Purify the air of the room It is also essential for people suffering from asthma or allergy. Beyond these polluting substances, a indoor air purifier with HEPA filter it can retain pollen, dust and pet hairs. The best domestic air purifiers manage to retain more than 99% of the harmful particles with a size greater than 0.3 micrometers, that is, 0.0003 centimeters.

On the other hand, theair epurators for home or office allow to condition the environment. In fact, they are complementary devices to heating and air conditioning equipment and to dehumidifiers and humidifiers. In particular, it is estimated that the best air purifiers for the house help reduce the temperature between 2 ºC and 3 ºC. They also create conditions that prevent the appearance of fungi, bacteria and mites.

How to choose an air purifier?

Before buying an air purifier it is necessary to take into account the following aspects:

There are types of purifiers for any room in your home and the most powerful are usually used in salons

  1. Size of the house: the best brands of air purifiers have models capable of working in closed spaces of more than 60 m2. Choosing a small air purifier will not work eliminate all impurities from the environment.
  2. ¿Fixed or mobile? It is possible to find models up to 80 cm high Y more than 30 kg of weight designed to always stay in the same place. However, it is also possible to buy an air purifier laptop smaller that we can take to the room where we are.
  3. Design: it is normal for the air purifier to be visible. It is advisable to choose a model that integrate well in the decoration.
  4. Power: the best air purifiers on the market have the capacity to filter more than 120 m3 of air per hour. The more powerful it is, the faster it will work. Of course, this is one of the aspects that most influences the price of air purifiers.
  5. Noise: there are air purifiers silent, but it is inevitable that they emit a significant amount of decibels when operating maximum power. It is best to choose a model that allows regulate its operating speed and that you have night mode.
  6. There is allergic at home? If so, before launching for an offer on air purifiers, we must ensure that the model in question has HEPA filter.
  7. Capacity deodorizer: Nowadays, find air purifiers for tobacco smoke and many other bad smells. Some of them are scented scrubbers and others have active carbon layers. This last system is the most effective.
  8. Programming: this was a feature reserved for the best air purifiers until not too long ago. However, today it can be found even in models that stand out for their value for money. It allows to program the start deferred and the off at a specific time.

Types of air purifiers

exist 5 types of air purifiers:

Air purifier with HEPA filter

This is the recommended air purifier for people with allergies. Its operation is very simple. Specific, captures the ambient air and forces it to go through a purifying filter. This has a grid mesh with some pores small enough to retain dust, mites and other harmful substances present in the environment. In addition, they generate a dry environment inside, which prevents the growth of mold.

Say goodbye to impurities, bacteria, mites and other particles harmful to your health with an air purifier

Air purifier with ionizer

This type of air purifiers for the home using ions has a more complex operation than the previous one. In particular, they release negative ions to the environment with the purpose of creating a electromagnetic field that makes dirt particles fall to the ground and can not be breathed. In addition, air ionizers are very versatile since they can also include a HEPA filters to enhance their performance and performance.

Air purifier with ozone generator

This type of purifier is also called an air ozonator. This is because they release small amounts of ozone to the environment of home. This gas, present in the atmosphere and of great importance for animal survival, has the capacity to destroy mold and bacteria present in the air we breathe and deodorizes it.

However, ozone is a toxic gas for the human being. For this reason, health agencies such as EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), does not recommend the use of ozone purifiers in the domestic environment.

Active carbon air purifier

In terms of elimination of bad smells, the best air purifiers are those of active carbon since, through their filters, they are capable of retain more than 99.9% of harmful particles present in the environment. However, they have not proven to be as effective as air purifiers for allergy since they are not able to satisfactorily eliminate so much of mites, pollen and dust as those with HEPA air filter.

Ultraviolet light irradiation air purifier

This type of environmental purifier works on the basis that fungi, bacteria and allergens, being illuminated by ultraviolet light enough time, they die. In fact, it is highly effective and it does not generate no problem about the health of human beings. However, they do not have the ability to reach the entire room if there are many pieces of furniture in it. This is the reason why it is considered the best air purifier for large spaces.

Difference between humidifiers and air purifiers

Humidifiers and air purifiers are complementary devices, but not the same. These are the characteristics that differentiate them:

  1. Humidifiers regulate the percentage of humidity by means of the water vapor emission. This prevents air that is too dry and irritates the throat and airways.
  2. Air purifiers They capture mites, bacteria, dust molecules and pollen and any other agent toxic or harmful to health present in the air. They retain them in their filters and return clean air to the room.

As we see, these purification devices they do not increase the environmental humidity, but rather encourage the opposite effect. That is to say, dry the environment. In fact, in the market it is possible to find a dehumidifying device and air purifier easily for this reason. Therefore, if the humidity level at home is too low, it is advisable to buy a separate humidifier.