The best meals to snack between meals if you try to lose weight

Ok, it's time to start the diet, do not postpone it anymore. You die of hunger but not you think to surrender, that summer is coming. The one to follows her, get her, that's for sure, but maybe when you start having hallucinations, hunger, you miss something that put you in the mouth. It is not necessary to chewing gums without rest or ice, Fortunately.

Researchers of the Laval University of Quebec They say that the best diet to lose weight has nothing to do with starving, but rather to fill your plate with highly satisfying foods, such as peppers, water fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins like those offered by eggs and yogurt and also fats, but healthy. It seems a bit random, right? Let's explain it better.

Are you satisfied?

The dietitian Wendy Brazilian he explains it in an interview given to 'New York Post': "We all have the 'superpower', so to speak, to be totally satisfied with the food, only in different ways." Brazilian has investigated widely satiety and what it really means to be full and satisfied. Satiety is really something psychological, and the brain does not receive the stimuli until after an average of twenty minutes or so since we started eating, which will be the moment when we feel full.

To finish full brings many inconveniences and no advantage: you will have a much worse digestion, you will lack energy and, of course, you will get fat

"Some foods that are used just to lose weight They affect our satiety by hormones and compounds that are released in response to those foods. I would not advise them. A common mistake in people who diet is confuse fullness with being satisfied, that's what can create problems when losing weight, "he explains." The typical phrase 'uf, I'm full', has to end. "

In fact, being very full does not bring any advantage and many drawbacks: the digestion will be worse and we will have gas, hyperacidity, gastric reflux, constipation … we will not conserve more energy either. If, on the other hand, you feel satisfied but not ready to explode, you will feel better yet you can still drink an infusion, which are highly recommended. "The best thing is to adapt a healthy diet," explains the doctor. "In the studies in which samples have been made where a satiating diet against another of any kind, for example, the keto, the group of the first always lost more weight ".

"And do not go to believe that a plate of carbonara, which could perhaps seem the most satisfying a priori, is what you really have to eat, "he says." There are other foods that will help you more to be able to get up from the table and walk, feeling lightweight. Also, these pecks will help you not to get starved to food and eat less. "

Fruits and vegetables rich in water

"You have to take a soup or salad every day," says Brazilian, as the broth and vegetables will help you fight against binge eating. Now that summer comes, it's the best season for melon, cucumbers and tomatoes, so if you get hungry, instead of preparing a sandwich, try this.


Contribute all the benefits of healthy fats and adds creaminess to food. According to the doctor, texture also has a lot to do with satiety. In addition, these fats help delay the release of sugar in the blood.


"It has been shown that overweight women they consume less food for a full day after eating food with eggs. "There are thousands of recipes, from adding hard-boiled egg to the salad to taking the delicious cloud eggs.


Greek yogurt is rich in protein and water, which can help you to sate. Some recent studies have linked foods that contain calcium with satiety, so with oats (to give a touch of fiber) or fruit can be the best for those long hours between lunch and dinner, or for breakfast.

Chilli Peppers?

Spicy sauce to lose weight? You are right. The doctor especially emphasizes these peppers specifically, because it has been shown that vegetables rich in capsaicin stimulate metabolism and prevent future overfeeding. "In a recent study, a sample was made of several individuals who were given a dish of Korean red pepper (gochugaru) before a pizza, which showed that after eating it, the satiating properties were such that many of them did not taste the There was a decrease of around 200 kilocalories after the plate intake of Korean pepper. "If you're a fan of spicy, tabasco, etc., you're in luck!