The best keys to healthy eating in 2020

Every year we do the same, we are presented with a year full of opportunities and possibilities ahead of us and we swear and perjure that this time we will get it, but there are New Year's resolutions that are real challenges and that need guidelines so that they can be overcome successfully. We give you all the keys so that this year, once and for all, you start eating healthy and what is best, you can keep that habit!


Sign up for batch cooking

Batch cooking is not a simple Instagram fad. It is a formidable tool to be able to maintain a healthy diet in your day to day effortlessly. This method consists of cooking one day a week to be able to eat healthily and without spending much time for the rest of the days..

Ideally, do it on Sunday when you have already rested and have some time to devote to cooking. You can cook several dishes at once and then store in the fridge and freeze to eat great during the week. For example, while making a homemade healthy sponge cake or brownie in the oven you can start making a sautéed vegetable, crush cauliflower to leave your redhead or fake rice ready in a tupper, salads, sauces, lentils with curry … Try it because it is the best way that eating healthy does not take time or cost you money throughout the week.


Stick to the menu lists

If you are going to start eating healthy, make a list of the foods you will need in the week based on the menus you want to prepare. If you go to the supermarket or the market without a clear list (and also hungry) you will start to take products that you probably do not consume Wasting time and money and of course the opportunity to eat healthy because planning in this case is essential. The lists are your friends!


The trapntojos are your allies

Do you think you will not be able to live without pasta? And without rice? And without candy? Take those ideas out of your head because you can prepare alternatives to those foods that, in addition to having you keep the line after the holidays and throughout the year, deceive your brain because they are visually very similar to the originals. Try zucchini noodles with pesto sauce or spicy prawns, even with a Bolognese, or three delights or Cuban cauliflower rice, can be eaten deliciously replacing food.

As for the sweet you can make your own desserts and healthy pastries such as dates and coconut balls, pure cocoa brownie with banana, sweet potato pancakes … always have pure cocoa without sugar and chocolate of at least 85% cocoa.

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Get rid of bad food

The real food, the one you see with the first sight of what it is is what you need to include every day in your diet. So clean your fridge and your pantry, get rid of expired cans and cans, those tuppers that you don't remember what they have frozen or how long they've been there and all the ultraprocessed ones May they be a temptation for you. If you leave them in the pantry there will surely be one day that you throw them out of anxiety, laziness or hormonal dances, so in order not to fall into temptation it is best to eliminate it from the roots.


Keep the fridge and the pantry full

Fill your fridge with different options to always be able to prepare varied and delicious dishes. It is important psychologically that when we open the fridge we see it full and not shivering because that vision will give us anxiety about eating, which is what we want to avoid.

If in your fridge and pantry you always have healthy snacks on hand to peck that emotional hunger will decrease. Try hummus and crudités, nuts, homemade cereal bars, raspberries, dates, raisins, blueberries … They are perfect for that break that you need from time to time or to accompany an infusion in the afternoon for example.


According to science, 66 days are enough to change a habit, if this year you have really set out to eat healthy opt for real food and run away from the ultraprocessed and sugar. Surely this time you get it.

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