The best hair straightening brushes for straight hair

A hair straightening brush is a beauty tool that allows us detangle, comb and straighten our hair in a comfortable and simple way. It has the same shape as a conventional brush and it has a temperature selector that allows you to work both on dense, thick and curly manes as well as on delicate, fine, deteriorated and colored hair regardless of their length.

Without a doubt, a good example is the GHD Glide. We have chosen it as the best straightening brush of the moment after analyzing Amazon customer reviews. It works at 185º C, which is the optimal temperature to straighten hair, has sows at two heights to penetrate better to the root and has a automatic shutdown system of security. This Black Hound cordless straightening brush also deserves special mention for be unisex and have specific beard accessories. But there is more. Here we are going to talk about the most interesting models on the market according to the opinions of users like you to help you choose.

The best, our choice: GHD Glide straightening brush

The best straightening brush of the GHD brand according to the opinions of Amazon users. It has a 4.4 out of 5 average rating and impressive 74% 5-star ratings Thanks, as Yolanda says, "to its ceramic technology with an ionizer that allows me to straighten my curly hair in a few strokes and without generating frizz." In addition, it does it very fast thanks to its bristles of two heights and high intensity that allow working with large strands of hair.

Silvia adds that "it is very easy to use" and that "there is no risk of burning your hair as it adjusts only to the optimum temperature". Specifically, it does 185º C, which is the number endorsed by professionals to protect hair during straightening. It also has a long cable, an automatic safety shutdown system and a LED status indicator.

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Second option: ROWENTA Power straight straightening brush

We start by commenting on the best straightening brush of the Rowenta brand according to the opinions of Amazon users. They have awarded an average grade of 4.5 out of 5 with 72% of 5 star ratings. Some, like Claudia, refer to its “specific design for frizzy and frizzy hair”, while others, like Sonia, affirm that “it is a straightening brush with bristles of cheap almond oil, easy to use and that saves time and effort since it also serves to untangle ”.

This hair straightening brush for thick and curly hair has triple action bristles that hold the hair, stretch it to avoid frizz and smooth it easily thanks to its Thermocontrol technology, which guarantees a constant and homogeneous heat supply. Specifically, it has 40 silicone bristles with great support from the root at its edges, which surround another 100 heated spikes in the central area. It has a integrated ion generator They also release static electricity and add shine to hair. It can operate at 160, 180 and 200 ºC.

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BaByliss HSB100E straightening brush

Now it's time to talk about the best BaByliss brand straightening brush for Amazon customers. Sports a 3.9 out of 5 and a 54% high score. According to Carmen, "it detangles, combs and smoothes very naturally and quickly". This is possible thanks to its combination of 3 types of picks. Specifically, it has 42 ceramic tongs to straighten, 50 silicone tines to comb and distribute the hair and 34 hard tines to detangle.

In addition, its double ion generation system “eliminates static electricity and, consequently, prevents frizz” (Laura). its ceramic coating effectively protects hair fibers.

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Black Hound Men's Cordless Smoothing Brush

According to Amazon customers, this is the best Black Hound brand straightening brush. It is completely wireless that is charged via USB. Provides 40 minutes of autonomy for every 3 hours of charge and its compact size makes it perfect for traveling, too. It has an LED screen that allows you to comfortably control its temperature. This is adjustable in a range of between 90º C and 200º C. Its automatic shutdown system is activated after 30 minutes without detecting activity.

Further, it only takes 30 seconds to heat up and it adapts perfectly to all types of hair regardless of their curls, length or thickness. In fact, it is unisex. It is also a beard smoothing brush thanks to its ionic technology and its specific heads for facial hair.

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Philips BHH880 / 00 straightening brush

Finally, we want to talk about what, according to Amazon customer reviews, is the best straightening brush of the Philips brand. its 4.3 out of 5 and its 65% of maximum marks attests to it. “It is a straightening brush for men and women. I, who do not have an excessively long mane, use it to comb my hair comfortably whenever I get out of the shower ”says Roberto. This is due to two types of bristles what includes. In addition to straightening, detangling and combing protecting the hair thanks to its tourmaline ceramic coating.

As Inés indicates, "it allows me to smooth my hair in just 5 minutes." ThermoProtect technology, which allows adjust its performance to optimal smoothing temperatures (170º C and 200º C), makes it possible. In addition, it heats up in a few seconds and has an indicator light that alerts you to the exact moment it can start to be used.

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Remington Keratin Straight CB7480 Keratin Bristle Straightening Brush

Based on Amazon user reviews, this is the best Remington brand hair straightening brush. Achieve a rating of 4.2 out of 5 with a 57% high score. For example, Margarita tells us about him that "it is a straightening comb with keratin bristles that, thanks to its temperature selector, allows professional straightening on delicate, thick, curly and dense hair …". For her part, María H refers to "its compact design, its light character and its versatility" as differentiating elements.

Here we talk about a ceramic hair straightening brush with a 3-meter extra long rotating cable and universal voltage. Thanks to its temperature selector, which allows you to choose from a range of between 150 and 230 ºC, it is useful for all types of hair and manes. Its large head allows you to smooth large strands in a single pass and also has ionic technology to avoid frizz. In addition, it has an on and off switch and is very useful when it comes to giving volume to the hair.

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FURIDEN hair straightening brush

We finish by referring to the best hair straightening brush from the Furiden brand based on reviews and comments from Amazon users, who have given it a 4.6 out of 5 with 87% 5-star ratings. Rocío indicates about him that “it combines the advantages of a hair straightener and a brush to guarantee perfect straightening” and that “it is a hair straightening brush with very good value for money. To this Toni adds that "it is a straightening brush for damaged hair with antistatic technology and that protects from burns".

The fast heating system of this anti-burn, high-density bristle hair straightening brush guarantees reaching the indicated temperature in only 30 seconds. Furthermore, these bristles do not remove moisture from the hair, thus reducing hair damage. It has a light and ergonomic design and can be used with one hand. Indicates the chosen temperature (between 150 and 230 ºC) through a practice built-in LCD display on the handle. It cannot be altered during operation thanks to its temperature blocking system.

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Straightening brush vs. straightening iron: what is the difference?

A straightening brush and a straightening iron are not the same. The choice will depend on the characteristics of your hair and your needs for use. In general, electric hair brushes offer these advantages over plates:

  • Allow detangle, comb and straighten at the same time, reason why they suppose a notable saving of time.
  • Are as easy to use as a regular brush. A good example is the Lidl straightening brush marketed under the name Silvercrest and which, in general terms, is quite similar to the GHD Glide that heads this comparison. However, the latter has bristles at different heights to better reach all hair and the other does not.
  • Better prevent frizz by penetrating better into the strands of hair.
  • Allow work with larger amounts of hair at once and they get to the root better.
  • They have lower temperature settings and therefore less damage to hair fibers.

However, electric straightening brushes also have some drawbacks compared to hair irons. For example, they are less effective in creating ripples. Nor do they provide such a finish silky and durable on the hair.

In summary, we can say that a straightening brush will become your best ally if you like straighten your hair every morning before going to work and you don't have time. Instead, for special occasions In which you want to show off a straightening or spectacular waves, such as a wedding, a night out with friends or a romantic date, a hair straightener will give you better results.

How to choose a hair straightening brush and what to consider before buying one?

Before launching for an offer on hair straightening brushes, we must take into account the following aspects to ensure we make a smart purchase:

  1. The temperature: the best straightening brushes allow you to regulate their temperature in a range of between 150 and 230 ºC. This allows to straighten all types of hair.
  2. The number of tines or bristles: the more the brush has, the more perfect the straightening will be and the faster we will untie the knots. The minimum quantity is 40.
  3. The bristle material: they can be silicone, ceramic or tourmaline. The latter is the best heat conductor of the three and the one that provides better results. Mind you, the price of a professional tourmaline hair straightening brush can be relatively high for some pockets.
  4. Ionic technology: thanks to it, the tines will emit a series of negative ions during straightening that will prevent frizz from occurring over the hours.
  5. Rapid heating: The straightening brush must reach the indicated temperature within 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. Size: the choice will depend on the length of our hair. The longer it is, the bigger it should be. It is also recommended that it weigh as little as possible and that it has an ergonomic handle to facilitate its use.
  7. Wireless or wired: The former are more mobile and comfortable. The seconds are more powerful and efficient. In the latter case, we should choose a hair straightening brush with extra long cable and universal voltage to avoid incompatibilities at home.
  8. Temperature lock: with it we will avoid altering the temperature of the brush unintentionally while using it.
  9. Security: An automatic shutdown and cold touch mechanism will prevent us from being burned in an oversight.
  10. Interchangeable heads: this way we can adjust its use to the characteristics of our hair and not have to buy a new straightening brush if we decide, for example, to cut our hair.

What is a hair straightening brush?

An electric hair straightening brush is a beauty tool widely used in hairdressing and at home. It has the same shape as a normal brush, that is, it consists of a handle and a spiked head. However, these are heated to a high temperature to undo the ripples and curls and leave the hair perfectly straight just by combing it.

We can distinguish the following types of straightening brushes:

  1. Electric straightening brushes: work with cable, battery or batteries. The latter are also called cordless straightening brushes. They transmit heat from an electrical resistance to the bristles of the head.
  2. Steam straightening brushes: they emit jets of steam under pressure during brushing to achieve smoothing. They care more and better for hair than electric brushes and irons, although they are more expensive and require more maintenance (recharging and cleaning the water tank, etc.). They also offer a more professional finish.
  3. Smoothing brushes with fixed or rotating roller: The former are cheaper and more frequent, while the latter, although more expensive, allow better work on frizzy and frizzy hair. The head rotates on itself to offer a more uniform finish and not jerk.

How does a hair straightening brush work?

The straightening brushes are made up of the following components:

  1. Ergonomic handle: Used to hold the device. Generally, it houses the on / off switch and thermal regulator.
  2. Head: it is the part that houses the sows and the resistance.
  3. Electric resistance: It is responsible for heating the bristles of the brush to smooth.
  4. Bristles or spikes: they are made of ceramic, titanium or any other heat conductive material. They are the elements that come into contact with the hair and smooth it.
  5. Power supply: We can choose between a rechargeable straightening brush with battery or a pluggable one with cable. In the latter case, the cable must be long enough to give us the greatest possible freedom of movement.

The operation of a straightening brush is very simple. When connecting it to the mains or recharging its battery, we just have to put the switch in the 'ON' position and select the temperature we want. Quickly, the electrical resistance lodged inside the head heats the tines or bristles. Afterwards, it is enough to comb our hair in the same way that we would do it with a normal brush to achieve the straightening.

How to use a straightening brush without mistreating the hair?

The bristles or tines of the straightening brush can reach high temperatures (more than 180 ºC). Therefore, it is important to follow this usage guide so as not to damage our hair while using it:

  1. We wash and dry our hair.
  2. We turn on the straightening brush and use the integrated temperature sensor to adjust the heat to the characteristics of our hair.
  3. We hold a small lock from the root and tilt the head so that it is well separated from the rest.
  4. We brush slowly but without stopping from root to tip. We should not take more than 10 seconds to do it.
  5. We repeat this operation until we smooth all our hair.

We must remember that the choice of one model or another will depend on the length and characteristics of our mane. If it measures less than 20 cm, the most recommended is to opt for a straightening brush for short hair, which we can also use as a smoothing brush for a male beard. In case our hair measures more than 20 cm, we will better opt for a straightening brush for long hair.

What hair types are hair straightening brushes designed for?

These electric brushes allow you to straighten the following types of hair:

  1. Frizzy, thick and dense hair.
  2. Hair with intermediate curls.
  3. Wavy hair.
  4. Straight hair with frizz or frizz tendency (We will need an ionic smoothing brush).
  5. Long or short hair and a full beard.

What care should I take before exposing my hair to high temperatures?

Although we have bought the best hair straightening brush on the market, if we do not protect our hair well before use, we run the risk of damage it severely due to high temperatures reached by the device. Specifically, we must follow these recommendations:

  1. Use moisturizing masks during the shower: this way we will be able to hydrate the hair fibers correctly and from their roots.
  2. Dry the hair well: preferably, without using a dryer. After the shower, the ideal is to place a towel around the mane and let it dry on its own.
  3. Apply thermoprotective sprays: especially if we have damaged or dyed hair. These products cover the hair fibers with anti-abrasive substances that do not harm the work of the brush.

Can it be used with wet hair?

Some of the best hair straightening brushes indicate that they can be used on wet hair. However, this is something we should not do unless we are in an emergency situation and we are in a hurry.

Repeated brushing of wet hair at high temperatures can spoil it. Use the straightener with dry hair

Wet hair retains moisture particles which, when in contact with the bristles at a high brush temperature, 'boil' and evaporate directly. This supposes a serious damage to hair fibers, which become more brittle when dry. Also, they are more prone to frizz.

However, this does not mean that we should not have hydrated hair since dry hair is more vulnerable to high temperatures. However, to achieve this, we have to use hydrating masks during the shower. Its particles are retained inside the hair fiber and therefore do not evaporate when using the straightening brush.

What is the ideal temperature to straighten hair?

The best hair straightening brushes for all hair types allow you to select the temperature in a range of approximately between 130 and 230 ºC. Depending on the type of mane we have, we must choose a specific value:

  1. Using the straightening brush to fine, damaged or colored hair: between 130 and 160 ºC.
  2. Using the straightening brush to healthy, medium thickness, undyed hair: between 160 and 180 ºC.
  3. Using the straightening brush to frizzy, strong and unruly hair: between 180 and 230 ºC.

Our advice is to always start by applying a low value to our hair, especially if we do not know its real state of health. This way we will avoid burns and damage it more.

Hair straighteners vs straightening brushes: which one is better?

Buy a hair straightening brush or an iron? This is a very common question among users. However, although both serve to straighten, they can be complementary devices since each one has different utilities. Let's see their differences:

Give your hair a different look every time you use the straightening brush and surprise with a new look every day

  1. Technical aspects: Generally, hair irons are more powerful and heat faster than brushes, although the difference is not excessive.
  2. Hair protection: the plates, having two plates, smooth the strands more uniformly on both sides and faster. They also waste less heat and energy. On the other hand, the smoothing brushes allow smoothing by specific areas, thus allowing for more innovative and original finishes.
  3. Hairstyles: the hair straighteners achieve a straight straightening, low volume and with well sealed tips. However, they require the user to detangle their hair before and during straightening. Instead, straightening brushes detangle hair while straightening it, providing smooth, lighter, more natural waves. They also serve to give a little volume and to leave the ends less marked.

How can I clean my hair straightening brush?

After analyzing many opinions on hair straightening brushes, we have realized that one of the main doubts of users revolves around cleaning the utensil. We must take into account that, by simple use, these devices accumulate hair and dirt residue derived from the products we apply to it. Over time, this results in bacterial and fungal growth able to generate bad smell and skin lesions on the scalp.

Therefore, we must clean the hair straightening brush regularly in this way:

  1. We turn off and unplug the brush and let it cool down completely to avoid burns and short circuits.
  2. We remove the head and pad on which the tines or bristles are anchored.
  3. We pour, in a container of hot water, 100 ml of specific detergent for electronic components.
  4. We remove the hairs from the head that are visible to the naked eye by hand, and then we dip the pad with the spikes into the container for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, we wet a toothbrush in the solution of hot water and detergent and rub it delicately on the stains located on the structure of the device.
  6. Then we do the same about the spikes and the pad.
  7. We leave it all dry by itself and we reassemble it.

Advantages of using a hair straightening brush

  1. Relaxing effect: We will notice a gentle massage on the scalp when using it.
  2. Time saving: we can straighten and untangle the knots of our hair at the same time.
  3. Natural hairstyle– The straightening is not as straight as that provided by the hair straighteners.
  4. Brings shine: our hair will look healthier after using it.
  5. Adjust to our hair type: thanks to its temperature control systems.
  6. Easy to use: its use is not different from that of a conventional brush.
  7. Quick: we can smooth our hair in less than 10 minutes.
  8. Versatility: The recommended straightening brushes for short hair can be used even on beard hair. In addition, if they allow you to change the head, we can use them on all types of hair (very curly, frizzy, thick, weakened, colored …).

What are the best straightening brush brands on the market?

  1. Remington: one of the most popular brands. It makes straightening brushes for hairdressers and for domestic use ideal for frizzy and frizzy hair. Their models stand out for their good value for money.
  2. Furiden: This is a brand of straightening brushes that are cheap but that offer great benefits. Its models stand out for their good design, their temperature control systems and their low energy consumption.
  3. CNXUS: A firm that has become famous for its frizz-preventing ionic straightening brushes and low-price policy.
  4. Rowenta: Probably Remington's main rival. It has patented the Thermocontrol technology for a simple, intuitive and intelligent temperature adjustment and its straightening brushes stand out for their versatility in all types of hair. They are also very safe thanks to their temperature locking systems and automatic shutdown.
  5. BaByliss: one of the best brands of straightening brushes in terms of quality. Design adjustable temperature models with ionic technology that promote faster straightening.

Where can I buy a straightening brush online?

Within this comparison of hair straightening brushes we have also analyzed which are the best electronic stores where to find them:

  1. MediaMarkt: It claims to be the most economical chain of commercial establishments specialized in consumer electronics of the moment. And this, in addition, is applicable to both its physical establishments and its online store. It has a wide variety of models from prestigious brands such as Remington and Rowenta.
  2. Carrefour: a good alternative that also offers the possibility of buying a hair straightening brush at the same time that we fill our shopping basket.
  3. The English Court: The online store of these department stores specializes in selling the best hair straightening brushes of the moment.
  4. Worten: Probably Carrefour's main rival. It also has a very interesting low price policy and good shipping and return conditions.
  5. Amazon: we have left the best for last. At Amazon you will find the largest variety of straightening brushes of the moment. It has the main models of the most important brands of the moment at a lower price than in any physical store. In addition, it offers excellent shipping conditions, especially for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Having said that, you only have to analyze your needs and, based on them, buy the best hair straightening brush for your mane.