The best fruits to lose weight in summer

If your goal is to reduce the michelín, purify the body, avoid fluid retention, lose weight and stylize your figure, the fruit is a very good option, always in its right measure and always choosing the best allies well. Take note of the best fruits that will help you lose weight this season.



It is the queen of summer, light, refreshing and also gives that touch of color so appealing on the table. It is a great source of fiber, Thanks to the pectins it contains, it helps improve and accelerate intestinal transit, favoring the elimination of toxins. and waste substances by the body. It is also a perfect food to keep cholesterol levels under control and improve blood circulation.

Leticia Carrera, director of the Felicidad Carrera center, biochemist and nutrition expert, points out that “watermelon is an excellent option in a slimming diet because provides very few calories, only 32 kilocalories per 100 grams of fruit, and contains a large amount of water, between 90 and 95%, so in addition to moisturizing it naturally satisfies. ”


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It is the citrus that has more diuretic fame and, although juices are a great temptation in summer, eating pieces of fruit with a lot of water such as grapefruit are perfect to achieve the goal of reducing those extra kilos. The grapefruit has a lot of fiber and a great satiating effect, but it would be better to eat it whole or smoothie so as not to waste the pulp and with it its detox benefits.

According to Laura Parada, a nutritionist at the Slow Life House center “if the whole fruit is consumed with just one piece it gives us more satiety, since it requires chewing, a greater contribution of fiber, which slows your digestion and prevents blood glucose from rising too fast, in addition to discarding lower fruit content we get more vitamins and minerals per piece of fruit. ”



An ideal option to eat in summer, it has very few calories despite being a very sweet fruit. It improves the digestive process, prevents fluid retention and is very rich in water and fiber So it will become one of the best allies when it comes to losing weight.

100 grams of melon It will not give you more than 50 calories but be careful to consume too much because in excess it can have a laxative effect and if you take it at night it can be indigestible.



It is very refreshing, diuretic and purifying, helps eliminate toxins and prevent constipation thanks to the amount of fiber it contains. It will help you lose weight because it is satiating, it will prevent you from biting between hours, combat fluid retention and help improve intestinal transit so you can easily control your weight.

Can take it alone, in skewers with other fruits such as watermelon, in smoothies or infused in water, there is no fruit aroma that reminds more of summer than pineapple (with coconut permission).



Another of the seasonal fruits with more water content (almost 90%) and that provide very few calories are peaches, 100 grams provide between 35 and 45 calories nothing more. It is very low in fat, helps keep cholesterol levels low and, thanks to its potassium content, is an excellent diuretic.

It is rich in fiber so it is a very good option to keep the microbiota healthy and prevent constipation, perfect for weight control and to include in slimming diets as it prevents fluid retention and helps eliminate toxins and waste substances by the body.


As for how much fruit can be taken per day Leticia Carrera points out “in weight loss diets My recommendation is to take three pieces a day, approximately 150 grams per piece and in stricter diets reduce to two pieces a day, preferably between hours and whole, not in juice, and at any time of the day except for dinner. ”

Enjoy the fruit, modify the amounts because, as in everything, the dose is poison, and take advantage of all the benefits they bring to reduce volume, gain health and get rid of extra pounds, almost without realizing it, in the most delicious and healthy way.

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