The best foods you can eat depending on whether you are 30, 50 or 70 years old

You should know that a correct feeding it is the key to enjoy a good Health. It is nothing new. You are clear that it is good to eat many fruits and vegetables, no sugar or industrial pastries, protein, controlled carbohydrates … It seems that most agree on all this, but there are some experts who do not.

The British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN) states that this guide neglects the most important factor when it comes to good nutrition: the age. While at an early age diseases like cancer or cardiovascular problems are not a concern, the risk rises from 40. So it is essential to know what to eat.

In fact, cancer is the leading cause of death in women who are between 40 and 50 years old, followed by heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The fault is the slow metabolism and hormonal changes, which cause many health risks. If you are following the same diet that worked for you when you were 20, you are doomed to have problems.

It seems logical that what constitutes a healthy diet varies according to the stage of life in which we are. The nutrition tips They should change for different age groups. Dietitians and nutritionists have the answer on how to know what to eat. Pay attention.

From 18 to 35

It is fashionable to reduce carbohydrates, but you shouldn't do it. It is not always a healthy option. When adolescence ends and during college (it is true that you should combine your intake with the practice of physical exercise) it is necessary to take these foods because they are a vital source of energy. Our brain needs about 120 grams daily of hydrates: try to eat things Wholemeal, oatmeal or sweet potatoes.

Don't dodge dairy: They are necessary to not suffer bone disease years later. Milk, cheese and yogurt They are vital sources of calcium that will protect your joints in the future. Adolescence is the time for bone development, so those under 19 should consume at least about 100 mg daily.

Testosterone levels decrease over the years, which greatly facilitates fat storage, especially abdominal

In addition, although some experts ensure that the Red meat It is bad, but young people should eat it because it is important for the health of the brain, blood, lungs and muscles. It is rich in iron, essential for transporting oxygen around the body, so a couple of times a week It is advisable to take it. Other important foods at this stage, especially for pregnant women, it's asparagus and broccoli. The latter is rich in vitamins A, K and group B, although the C It is its main source of benefits, since a portion of 100 grams provides a total of 110 milligrams of said compound.

In addition, it has a high content in minerals such as magnesium, chromium, zinc, iron, potassium or phosphorus. Not forgetting fiber, proteins, bioflavonoids and the phytonutrients, which are also part of its composition.

From 36 to 65

Keep carbohydrates under control, especially the refined ones. This can help fight age-related insulin resistance and promote stable blood sugar levels. The protein In the diet they can also help you. Not only will they prevent age-related muscle loss, but they will also keep your Active metabolism because the body has a harder time digesting and has to work harder. Raspberries, nuts, salmon, olive oil, kale, avocados, tomatoes, pumpkins and lentils They are the perfect foods to face this decade.

Fruit is very important at this stage. Try to take at least three or four servings of vegetables and two or three of fruit a day. Reducing its consumption can increase the risk of death by 42%. It may be heavy and cost you a job, but even drinking a milkshake every morning will mean taking three servings. Its fiber is essential to reduce the risk of diseases such as bowel cancer. Do not avoid fats altogether. It is true that burning these is increasingly difficult, but they should not be completely eliminated.

Further, eat foods that have selenium. This protects, according to some studies, against cell and tissue damage, which can stop the development of tumors and increase your mood. Eggs or nuts are perfect. They are essential for hormonal functions. And of course, you should eliminate highly processed foods from the diet, and consume more natural foods.

From 66

In the case of men, testosterone plays an important role, because it is a hydrophobic molecule, which adheres to body fat and helps build muscle. It also keeps insulin regulated in the body, which helps prevent diabetes. The problem? That the levels decrease with the years, at a rate of about 1% per year after the age of 60, which considerably facilitates the storage of fat, especially in the abdominal area.

If you are under 35 years old you should not reduce carbohydrates. It is not always a healthy option because they are a vital source of energy

It is essential to take a significant amount of protein not only to grow and maintain muscles, but also to help regulate the diet and reduce the intake of fattening foods. Meat, blue fish, cheese, salmon, milk, liver and egg They are crucial to avoid vitamin B12 insufficiency or diseases such as diabetes, dementia or heart conditions.