The best foods to lose weight in the Mediterranean diet

If there is something that we Spaniards can be proud of, it is our gastronomy. The Mediterranean diet is one envied by all countries that are not lucky enough to have a climate and soil as conducive as ours for crops and livestock. This type of diet obtains the best grades in caring for heart health, improving brain function, achieving mental well-being or even increase the chances of living longer. Hence, this is one of the reasons why we are one of the countries with the highest life expectancy in the world.

And when it comes to losing weight? If you focus the Mediterranean diet on losing weight, you will have a much better chance of achieving your goal. Basically, because it is rich in fresh whole foods and contains fat beneficial to the body, such as monounsaturated, present in olive oil or avocados, as well as omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, found in products such as fish (in salmon, tuna or sardines).

Forget pre-cooked and frozen foods. The Mediterranean diet is, above all, homemade

And the rest of the world loves it. It is not uncommon to frequently find high praise for the Mediterranean diet on the pages of international food magazines. Without going any further, the magazine 'The Healthy' has gathered a series of benefits that you find in Mediterranean foods to lead a healthy life and, incidentally, lose a few kilos from the scale.

Passion for vegetables

The stars of a Mediterranean diet are fruits and vegetables. And also whole grains or of vegetable origin, such as nuts or legumes. If you plan a weekly menu with these elements, be sure that you will not only eat rich and even feel satisfied, but you will also avoid less healthy options. What's better than a good bowl of lentils? Another of the star dishes of the Mediterranean diet are salads. Add some lettuce, onion and tomato to garnish with each of your meals to eat less of the main dish and reserve a space for the greens.

A fair amount of carbohydrates

Forget ready-made and frozen foods at once. The Mediterranean diet is, above all, homemade, and it takes time to prepare it to taste more intensely and extract all its benefits. If you are thinking about losing weight, instead of opting for normal bread, choose wholemeal, as with pasta. One of the best breakfasts of the Mediterranean culture, that they value most outside our borders, It is the classic Catalan 'pantumaca': spread some crushed tomato with olive oil on a slice of toast. You can add ham if you want an extra protein kick.

Olive oil, your great ally

Always olive oil, never sunflower oil. Although the latter is usually used to make fried foods, it is best to avoid them. The best, cooking your protein source like grilled fish and meat and with olive oil, so that they don't have so much fat, in clear reference to the famous keto diet. Another tip is to avoid mayonnaise and season your dishes with oil and vinegar. The benefits of olive oil are innumerable, especially in terms of preventing heart disease and enjoying a longer and happier life.

All healthy fats

Don't ever abuse trans fats or sugars. Instead, go for those known to be healthy, such as olive oil itself, eggs, avocado, some nuts, and fish. If you have 'mono' of sugar, the best thing is that you opt for a seasonal fruit. Now that it's summer, watermelon and cantaloupe are the big stars of the desserts. Or, instead, you can eat some apples, which are very satiating and serve to cleanse the intestine and improve the state of your intestinal flora.